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Japanese Low Dinner Table

16,113 Downloads 364 Thanks  Thanks 163 Favourited 49,720 Views
Uploaded: 15th Jun 2016 at 5:10 PM
Updated: 22nd Apr 2017 at 4:17 PM - Minor BugFix
See Re-Mesh by Naus Allien

22 April 2017 Update : Minor BugFix (LookAtManager for involved Sims was temporarily disabled until another interaction re-enabled it)
26th June 2016 Update : Added "Zzz" (or Vvv or whatever based on the occult) visual effect to napping
21th June 2016 Update : this mod now integrates with Generic Food Maker
16th June 2016 Update : Added child version of the chopsticks, thanks to murfee.

Mod Info & Requirements

Game version 1.67 (might work with other patch levels, beats me)

Requires my Japanese Culture Trait mod
(a version updated on 15th June 2016 or a later version if I ever make one)

Requires the Chopsticks as accessory by Kilhian (for this mod to work, you just need the CAS accessory version)
One of the packages in my download file overrides some of its resources, so my package goes into the Overrides folder.


Where do I start? This mod is embarrassing at some many levels. The title is weird (I didn't know
how to call it), the animations suck and I'm not able to do it as I'd really like to. So before I delete
it out of frustration I better upload it.

This is a table (cloned from a BG coffee table) that allows Sims to eat while kneeling on the ground.
It has a lot of limitations and some issues. I've also added a napping interaction because... not sure
why, it just came spontaneously.

As I said, the animations are very poorly made. Some are simple poses with no transitions.

How it works? I'll describe the default behaviour, but some things are xml tunable.

With drag and drop you can place a food on the table and Sims can eat it clicking on the table itself
(even autonomously and even Sims without the Japanese Culture Trait).

Note: Sims at the table will all eat from the same central plate/bowl/whatever, even from a group serving.
This was done for technical reason because it was easier to implement it this way (see the technical section
for more details if you are interested on the explanation).

Sims will also place food on the table autonomously if they have my Japanese Culture Trait.
It will also work with Snacks, if you stop the eating interaction that is done automatically when getting
them from the fridge and place the snack on the table.

Note: by default, only foods eaten with a fork are enabled to be eaten and placed autonomously
on the table. You can change that, if seeing a soup or a hot dog eaten with chopsticks doesn't bother you.
(if someone makes me a spoon as CAS accessory I might, MIGHT, try to add that and the hand-eating
(nah, I don't think I can do that, it needs an animation for the food too, I could use the one of the picnic blanket
but in there Sims have the legs crossed), but I'm not very keen on the idea of doing more animations). As always,
anyone is welcome to contribute or even modify and redistribute my mods without my involvement, so maybe
in the future someone will improve it.

Note: the "Serve" interaction to place a food on the table will only be available if there's a free table.
I know this is obvious but if the table is off camera you may wonder why the interaction is not there
(yes, I'm talking from personal experience).
Additional Credits

All respective authors and contributors of the tools and tutorials for modding TS3.
MTS and all modders who made the game much more enjoyable.

Kilhian for the original chopsticks as accessory item. I've also copied from his/her poses the
way the hand and fingers holding the chopsticks are positioned and rotated. You can see
the difference with the child version that I did completely from scratch.

Murfee for making the child version of the chopsticks. Credits to Kilhian for the original mesh and textures.

icarus_allsorts and douglasveiga for their suggestions.