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Vibrant Lupins

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Uploaded: 16th Oct 2019 at 6:55 PM
As I was working on Greymont Bay, many inspiration pictures I poured over featured beautiful lupins studding the landscape. There was the store lupin from Aurora Skies but it wasn't quite right. Using that one as a base, I rescaled it to be smaller and a edited the footprint to a single tile. Then I created more vibrant colors that are similar to those seen in the inspiration pictures I loved. Because this is not a simple recolor, the lupin from the store is not required for these to work.

  • Name: Fuschia Lupin / Pink Lupin / Purple Lupin
  • Price: 50
  • Found in: Build Mode > Flowers
  • Unlocked for CAW: Yes

Known Issue:
For some reason, the plants get darker than normal when you zoom further away from them. This behavior is not present in the store lupin but I have been unable to determine the cause. See the attached picture for visual representation of the issue.