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Drinks For Your Sims - updated for patch 1.63/1.67

by ani_ Posted 19th Apr 2010 at 8:15 PM - Updated 8th Nov 2014 at 8:12 AM by ani_
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Please note. I no longer support these mods. Instead all my mods can now be found at Nraas.
No changes needed for 1.67

File Name:

Updated for the new patch. No changes except I accidentally uploaded the shorter values by default, so moodlet values are buzzed 3h, tipsy 6h, drunk/hangover 12h.
Remember you can always tune these if you want them longer.

File Name:

- The counter buff now has a name "Wait for it..."
- You now get drunk from playing juice pong
The counter starts immediately when you play but the interaction doesn't cancel playing so you can finish your game before you do the drunk interaction
- You now get drunk from doing a juice keg stand

Pouring juice doesn't get you drunk. I do listen to the kJuiceKegPourJuice but it doesn't seem to get activated.

File Name: / (only use one, the shorter package has shorter moodlet length).

Originally Posted by JT`
What I would suggest, if possible, is to create a "Drinking Juice" moodlet that lasts for a random amount of time between 10 and 20 minutes, preferably tunable for the minimum and maximum range, which then triggers the interaction when it runs out. This at least gives them the opportunity to take a couple of sips and to chat with friends while drinking before they go nuts.

Now when sims have a drink, there is a counter moodlet, 20 minutes. When that runs out, the drunk interactions happens. If you drink while you have the counter, the counter resets. You can change the counter time out from the buffs xml in the mod. The moodlet doesn't have a name because I couldn't figure out what to call it, if you have good suggestion I'm all ears and can update the name the next time this mod needs updating.

File Name:

If you don't have seasons, you can use the 1.38 version, but if you have seasons I suggest you update to the seasons version.

EA inherited the concession stand drinks from the same glass object as bar drinks. So my drunk mod treated them as booze and you could get drunk form coco
The Seasons update fixes this.

No changes needed for 1.42
Drinks For Your Sims

Note: There are two files in the zip, ani_GetDrunk and ani_GetDrunk_Shorter. The shorter file's moodlet values are buzzed 3h, tipsy 6h, drunk/hangover 12h. Use only one of these.

Bugs: The custom moodlets are still not saved when you exit and return to the game. Almost have it working, so hopefully by seasons it's fixed.


Same mod as before but now you also get drunk from drinking nectar. I did this change because the ATS alcohol bottles are cloned from nectar, so now you can get drunk from them.

Note: Only use one version. If you download this, remove the older one from your mods folder.


- updated for SHT
- hang-over moodlet is now custom as well.

- Custom moodlets are not saved when restarting the game. Basically if you have a drunk moodlet, save exit, and re-load the game, the moodlet is not there.

Next version
- I want to find a better image for the hang-over moodlet. I know which one I want to use, but I couldn't find it-

Drinks For Your Sims
The mod is updated for pets and patch 1.29

1. I cleaned up the description below, it was too long and talking about things no longer valid in the mod.
2. Please note this is still experimental, I've tested this in my test hood and I've used it in my main hood, but I've not played excessivly with it since I did the custom moodlets.
3. I'll keep the old version of this mod up, until SHT comes out. Then hopefully all bugs in the new ones have been fixed.

What's new in version 2:

Originally Posted by JT`
Would it be possible to disable the interaction popups?...
It could probably be accomplished by three stages of custom moodlets -- "buzzed", "tipsy", and then "drunk" -- at which point hangover penalties apply.

This pretty much summons it up. Now, the mod works as follow. From the first drink you get buzzed, from the second tipsy, from the third drunk. When the drunk moodlet runs out, you get the hang-over moodlet which is nauceas from juice.

If you have a drink while drunk, the drunk moodlet will reset.
If you have a drink while having a hang-over, the hangover moodlet is removed and replaced with drunk.

The buzzed, tipsy and drunk moodlets are custom, but I used already in the game exisitng moodlet images. The nauseas moodlet is the normal in-game moodlet, not custom.

Modding the mod:
You will need to open the mod up with S3PE.

- To modify the new moodlets you will need to modify the Ani.Drunk.Buffs xml.
- To modify the hang-over moodlet, you will need to modify the xml file that has no name
- Drunk notifications are now turned off. But you can turn them on via the xml.

Special thanks to Twallan for answering my question about custom moodlets.
Also for his mods, that I studied to figure out how do custom moodlets work.
The code to reading the moodlet xml is copypaste code from Twallan's woohooer mod, so thank you for that also.
And of course to JT` for giving the idea for the changes.

None to my knowledge, but I'm sure there are some.

Drinks For Your Sims
The old version of the mod, will be removed when I'm satisfied with the new one.

In TS2 one of my favorite mods was a six pack of beer that you could get from your fridge, drink it and get drunk. Drunk meant you did one random interaction after that, running around naked was my favorite

For the lack of creative powers of my own, I give you a ripped off version of that mod.

How It Works
This mod listenst to the EventTypeId.kHadADrink and when it is triggered, my custom code for making Sims drunk, will appear.

Random interactions are split to two categories, done to yourself and done to others. When you select the drink, the game will select which interaction to choose the action from.
The random interaction will always be done to yourself if
- you are alone on the lot
- if the other Sims on the lots are children or below (random interactions to others should only happen to teens and above)

Random Interaction done to others
For this I use an in game method that returns all possible interactions for the Sim who's drunk to the Sim who's randomly chosen. So this can be anything from innocent chatting, to flirting with your best friend's spouse to fighting. It's random.

Random Interactions done to yourself
- Sing: They will use the WA sing animations, but sing the song from the shower, it doesn't always sync up well, but what drunk singing does?
- Pass Out
- Wet Self
- Get Naked (or if already naked, choose a random outfit)
- Talk to Self
- Bad Buzz (the animations from getting electrocuted)
- Cry
- Drunk Hysteria (a collection of three or four laughing animations). This is the only interaction I'm not happy with so I'll most likely change it to something different when I update this mod.

Have fun
- ani

Additional Credits:
- For all the people who created the tools I used, s3pe, s3oc...
- For Kolipoki and his object modding tutorial
- jazzem for testing, thank you tons, it was of great help to me
- Darkpool/Lostaccount for her scrip modding tutorial
- Twallan for answering my question about custom moodlets.
Tags: #Alcohol, #drink


You must have the expansion, game version or stuff packs listed below installed to use this custom content. Please see the post text for any exceptions.

Sims 3 World Adventures
Built with Game Version: 3.2.8
Key: - File was updated after upload was posted
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Size: 60.4 KB · Downloads: 4,330 · 17th Sep 2012
60.4 KB 4,330 17th Sep 2012
ani_GetDrunk | Same mod as ani_GetDrunk_nectar but with shorter moodlet values. Buzzed 3h, Tipsy 6h, Drunk/Hangover 12h.

Size: 29.5 KB · Downloads: 6,207 · 28th Mar 2012
29.5 KB 6,207 28th Mar 2012

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#26 Old 20th Apr 2010 at 1:29 PM
Great idea! But nectar is wine and some people do get drunk from wine or prefer to get drunk from wine. If you ever add a version that allows the action (deliberately) to get drunk while drinking nectar/wine, then I'll try this mod out. I normally don't put bars in my sim's homes, but I do let them drink nectar or buy it when on vacation in France.
Lab Assistant
#27 Old 20th Apr 2010 at 1:36 PM
Interesting mod! I am a Chinese from Hong Kong, here are two translations.

Chinese CN:
- 'Sing' 唱歌
- 'Pass Out' 晕倒
- 'Get Drunk' 喝醉
- 'Wet Self' 尿裤子
- 'Change To Random Outfit' 随机换衣
- 'Get Naked' 脱光
- 'Bad Buzz' 触电
- 'Cry' 哭泣
- 'Drunk Hysteria' 神志不清

Chinese TW
- 'Sing' 唱歌
- 'Pass Out' 暈倒
- 'Get Drunk' 喝醉
- 'Wet Self' 尿褲子
- 'Change To Random Outfit' 隨機換衣
- 'Get Naked' 脫光
- 'Bad Buzz' 觸電
- 'Cry' 哭泣
- 'Drunk Hysteria' 神志不清
Test Subject
#28 Old 20th Apr 2010 at 2:40 PM
Thanks for this mod, original idea!
Anyways, here's the Dutch translation:

-'Sing' = Zingen
- 'Pass Out' = Bewusteloos raken
- 'Get Drunk' = Dronken worden
- 'Wet Self' = Zichzelf onderplassen
- 'Change To Random Outfit' = Willekeurige outfit aantrekken
- 'Get Naked' = Kleren uittrekken
- 'Bad Buzz' = kind of hard to translate, maybe someone else knows?
- 'Cry' = Huilen
- 'Drunk Hysteria' = Dronken hysteria (or something like that XD)
Hope this helps!
Test Subject
#29 Old 20th Apr 2010 at 2:59 PM
Hi! Wenn meine Sim trinkt, dann Sim nur eine bestimmte Animation machen wird? Danach wird Sim wieder Normal? Z.B.: Sie singt und das ist alles? Danach macht Sim nichst? :S
Es wäre gut, wenn Sim gleichzeitig mehrere Dinge machen kann. Sim trinkt, sie singt, danach stolpert (mit dem Animation von ungeschickt= Tollpatschig), danach sie im Garten pisst ( ) und so weiter.
Test Subject
#30 Old 20th Apr 2010 at 3:23 PM
German Translation:

- 'Sing' = Singen
- 'Pass Out' = Ohnmächtig werden
- 'Get Drunk' = Sich betrinken
- 'Wet Self' = Sich einnässen
- 'Change To Random Outfit' = Zufälliges Outfit anziehen
- 'Get Naked' = Sich ausziehen
- 'Bad Buzz' = Nervenzusammenbruch bekommen
- 'Cry' = Weinen
- 'Drunk Hysteria' = Hysterisch werden
Test Subject
#31 Old 20th Apr 2010 at 3:35 PM
This doesn't work if I don't have WA ? Or did I understand something wrong... :D
Test Subject
20th Apr 2010 at 3:51 PM
This message has been deleted by alicekuku.
Test Subject
#32 Old 20th Apr 2010 at 3:53 PM
This mod is just great, thanx)))) I can do some Russian translation, here it is:
- Sing - Петь
- 'Pass Out' - упасть в обморок or отключиться
- 'Get Drunk' - напиться
- 'Wet Self' - обмочиться
- 'Change To Random Outfit' - переодеться в случайный костюм
- 'Get Naked' - раздеться догола
- 'Bad Buzz' - раздражать,not sure 'bout this one
- 'Cry' - плакать
- 'Drunk Hysteria' - устроить пьяную истерику or пьяная истерика

hope this will help)
Test Subject
#33 Old 20th Apr 2010 at 5:47 PM
thanks cant wait to use it
Lab Assistant
#34 Old 20th Apr 2010 at 6:22 PM
I think both moodlets associated to this mod ("Sugar Rush" and "Hangover") should be renamed for something related to alcohol in all languages ("Sugar Rush" --> "Drunkenness" in English, "Ivre" in French; "Hangover" --> "Gueule de bois" in French, for example), as someone suggested in the comments of another mod.

@Rosawyn : I agree. The drunkenness should be followed by hangover, and not both and then the hangover only (like coffee).
Test Subject
#35 Old 20th Apr 2010 at 7:00 PM
Hey cool mod. Here's the translations for it in Dutch and Turkish, I could also do it in German, but I wanna bet there are plenty of people who could do the translation better than me! :D

-Sing: Zing
-Pass out: Val flauw
-Get Drunk: Word dronken
-Wet Self: Plas in de broek (not sure how to exactly translate this, coz this literally translates to 'pee in the pants' :P)
-Change to Random Outfit: Wissel willekeurig kleren
-Get Naked: Kleed uit
-Bad Buzz: Slechte schok (Literally translates to 'Bad shock')
-Cry: Huil
-Drunk Hysteria: Dronken Hysterie

-Sing: Şarkı söyle
-Pass Out: Bayıl
-Get Drunk: Sarhoş ol
-Wet Self: Altına işe
-Change to random clothes: Herhangi bir kıyafet giy
-Get Naked: Soyun
-Bad Buzz: Kötü Şok (I just translated this one from the dutch one, so ıt lıterally means bad shock)
-Cry: Ağla
-Drunk Hysteria: Sarhoş Delilik (literally translates to drunken 'craziness')
Test Subject
#36 Old 20th Apr 2010 at 8:46 PM
This is awesome (: has anybody tested in with just the base game??
Field Researcher
#37 Old 20th Apr 2010 at 10:34 PM
has anyone tried with just the base game? i'd really like to try this!
Lab Assistant
#38 Old 21st Apr 2010 at 12:35 AM
Hey I have to agree with Timoram.
"Also, according to Wikipedia, a drunk man may suffer from nausea, vomiting, and tend to avoid light and noise. You should add those symptoms (if possible), and also add a high chance of accepting marriage proposals during the following hours.
Is this interaction can be selected on nectar or wine? "

It seems that vomiting is in there.
Maybe you can duplicate the loner moodlet so they try to avoid crowded placess...
and duplicate the morning sickness except rename them of coursee.

Can't wait to try this out! Lmao
Forum Resident
#39 Old 21st Apr 2010 at 2:06 AM
Great mod! My party-animal Sim hasn't been sober since I installed this. He's so happy! His roommates, on the other hand, don't seem to autonomously drink unless they're also hungry.

My cat taught me how to fetch. I throw the toy, she shows me where it landed, and I fetch it.
Forum Resident
#40 Old 21st Apr 2010 at 3:40 AM
Ha! That's pretty cool, thanks! I wish I could also create my beerkeg for sims 3, but I got a lot of help from Katy, and she's long gone.

Please come check out my SIms 2 Story "Love Child" Caution: Must be 18+
Mad Poster
Original Poster
#41 Old 21st Apr 2010 at 6:31 AM
Thank you guys for the translations. I'll transfer them today to the mod and mark which languages have been translated. I'll also fixe my Creek - German combination text mistake in the language list. Mark the social and fun boost increase I forgot to mension when typing up the text as well as thank Lostaccount/Darkpool for her script mod tutorial.

The translated version won't how-ever be put up before v2 of this mod comes out.

I can take a look on is it possible to track when a moodlet runs out and only then add the hangover moodlet. But this won't be a huge priority as I actuallyl like that sims will do the iddle "almost throw up" animation while they are still officially drunk.

JJennae: I have no idea does the mod work without WA and what exactly will happen if you encounter WA codes and moodlets that I used, that's why I sayd use it at your own risk, if you don't have WA. If you do try it, please let me know how it goes and what happens when sims encounter WA codes and moodlets.

NekoCat: Thanks for mentioning the hunger, I've not made that connection between them before as usually I use this mod in my nightclub where the only entertainment is either drinking, or the stereo. So I always thought they will choose drinking if there is nothing more fun to do. I can take a look on the ITUN files and see if it's possible to tune them to be a bit more realistic.
Test Subject
#42 Old 21st Apr 2010 at 7:52 AM
Haha great night. First I nab Joninmobile's Nectar is now Wine mod and now this......Finally a real reason for my Sims to throw a party......drunken stupidity! Awesome work.
Field Researcher
#43 Old 21st Apr 2010 at 9:40 AM
You are a star! Dexter, the working sims bed and now this one have brought life to my previously quiet Wild West Saloon :-)
Field Researcher
#44 Old 21st Apr 2010 at 9:42 AM
Thank you This is very creative.

for more of my lots check out my blog:
Lab Assistant
#45 Old 21st Apr 2010 at 3:15 PM
Sir, attached is the Chinese localizations for both Taiwanese and Chinese. Cheers
Download - please read all instructions before downloading any files!
File Type: rar GetDrunk.rar (21.2 KB, 31 downloads)
Test Subject
#46 Old 21st Apr 2010 at 3:14 PM
In French

Sing - Chanter
Pass Out - Tomber inconscient
Get Drunk - Se soûler
Wet Self - Se mouiller
Change To Random Outfit - Changer de tenue
Get Naked - Se déshabiller
Bad Buzz - Se sentir mal (Avoir un mauvais buzz)
Cry - Pleurer
Drunk Hysteria - Être hystérique
Lab Assistant
#47 Old 21st Apr 2010 at 3:18 PM
By the way, please explain 'Bad Buzz' a bit. There're couple of different descriptions in the dictionary. I don't know which one to use here. SmellyCat07 seems to have the similar issue, too.
Lab Assistant
#48 Old 21st Apr 2010 at 5:06 PM
Just a quick question - it was built with v. 3.2.8 but so long as you have World Adventures, will it work? :/ Or do we need up to 2.8 with WA because I think I only have 2.3 or something.
Test Subject
#49 Old 21st Apr 2010 at 5:08 PM
I don't have WA and the mod works fine
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