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Calvin Klein briefs for bodybuilders

by cdpetee Posted 11th Nov 2005 at 1:28 PM
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Test Subject
#2 Old 11th Nov 2005 at 11:38 PM
Hehehe... Those pictures r so funny they look so sexy modeling.
Test Subject
#3 Old 11th Nov 2005 at 11:38 PM
Downloading now*******
#4 Old 12th Nov 2005 at 6:32 PM
Oooooh, very hot cdpetee. I defenitely downloading. Thanks!
Test Subject
#5 Old 12th Nov 2005 at 11:04 PM
Love it! keep up the good work!
#6 Old 14th Nov 2005 at 6:20 AM
wOOt! Thanks for another sizzling addition to my Sims underwear drawer! The (under)clothes make the man!!

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#7 Old 14th Nov 2005 at 7:08 AM
The briefs look terrific, the models did a great job working them. Thank you for sharing them with us.
Field Researcher
#8 Old 19th Nov 2005 at 2:37 AM
YES!!! I was hoping to find these! I love the Body Builder (he's so hot!) and I was hoping to find something in the undies section. Thanks a million!!!

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Field Researcher
#9 Old 28th Dec 2005 at 7:53 AM
very very well!Thanks!
Test Subject
#10 Old 5th Jan 2006 at 9:00 PM
Looks! great, downloading now.
Test Subject
#11 Old 21st Feb 2006 at 6:39 PM
Love! It's perfect. Um...what is the name of the hair style of the guy in the black? It's wicked.
Top Secret Researcher
#12 Old 6th Jul 2012 at 10:25 AM
really hot. thanks!