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Double Wide Double Hung Window !

by Cooldadx4 Posted 15th Jul 2006 at 3:30 AM - Updated 21st Jul 2006 at 4:51 PM by tigmomx4 : added links to other windows
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Sarcastic Evil Muppet
retired moderator
#2 Old 17th Jul 2006 at 4:42 AM
Thanks for these Off to recolour
Field Researcher
#3 Old 19th Jul 2006 at 3:15 PM
Any idea what happened to the recolors? The link on the middle left doesn't work.

Like a flea circus at a dog show!
Greatest Dad Ever
Original Poster
#4 Old 19th Jul 2006 at 3:51 PM
They are waiting approval ...But i bet they will be up soon since the link to them is up there ...Discordkitty made the recolors at 6 or 7 am yesterday so they should be up sometime today ....
Test Subject
#5 Old 3rd Aug 2006 at 11:17 AM
Thank you!
Greatest Dad Ever
Original Poster
#6 Old 7th Aug 2006 at 11:53 PM
Test Subject
#7 Old 31st Oct 2006 at 12:11 PM
Excellent set many thanks
#8 Old 11th Apr 2008 at 11:30 AM
Cool windows from a cool Dad thanx very much!

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