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The Apothecarie: The Home of Gefrey Culpeper

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This download is part of the Medieval Creator Challenge
Uploaded: 3rd Apr 2010 at 10:23 PM
Updated: 4th Apr 2010 at 4:55 PM

Lot Info:
One bedroom/One bathroom - Sleeps one.
Furnished = 61,142
Unfurnished = 35,430

Find Gefrey Culpeper Here

What would medieval life be without the healers? Men and women who, through trial and error, built up an imperfect science that, nevertheless, saved lives. Not many healers lived in luxury, but it must be said that apothecary Gefrey Culpeper settled himself into very nice quarters in a converted old farmhouse just outside the town of Drynke by the Shawe. Born in this town, Culpeper left young, an apprentice to a nomadic healer who lacked the scruples that Culpeper, though only 14-years-old, had already acquired. Travelling the English countryside, he learnt the various ways that false healers fool people and themselves, and he vowed to make a better go of it than his master. Though a very good apothecary, he was poor for most of his life. Were it not for his late cousin bequething him a house and shop, he would most likely still live in a hovel in his old age. Culpeper's pride and joy is a cabinet he has constructed that displays in a unique way the healing properties of the soulpeace gem.

This is my first lot. I hope you enjoy it. It's cute and straightforward, rather than complex. I think simple building is appropriate to the medieval theme.

Custom/Store Content:


- QBUILDERZ's dark brown thatched roof.
- lemoncandy's Creeping Ivy.


- Magical Faire Door & Faire Folk Window from Faire Folk Den.
- Various Items from the Gothique Living + Sleeping Rooms set.
- Thanksgiving Table Light from the free Harvest Bounty set.
- Galileo's Observer.

Lot Size: 3x2
Lot Price: 1200

Additional Credits:
Thanks to lemoncandy, QBUILDERZ for the great CC, and also to everyone on live chat who gave me excellent advice. Once again, thanks the the MTS community for being awesome.