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UPDATED: Versatile Shelving: 5 level wall or freestanding shelving

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Uploaded: 22nd May 2010 at 7:33 PM
Updated: 4th Jul 2010 at 9:00 PM - Added Shadowless Shelving selection
This is a 5 level shelving system which includes 5 shelves and 4 upright panels. Each shelf has 5 slots. The upright panels have no slots. You can build shelves against walls or create free-standing shelves without using a cheat. Other items will still go under these shelves also. You can use different shelf levels (and corresponding upright panels) to make shelving units of all different kinds allowing placement of various sizes of clutter.

Each shelf and its corresponding upright panel has 3 recolorable channels. Only one upright panel is required to provide support for each shelf so the set includes 5 shelves and 4 panels (the bottom "shelf" sits on the floor and needs no support). When you place the upright in the game the left and right panel should both face the front...there is no need to turn one panel backward to make it meet up with the shelf correctly. The upright panel will also click into the middle of each shelf allowing you to split the box created by the shelf and panels.

UPDATED: I found that the shadows on the shelves and upright pieces are somewhat dark in my WA game especially when more than one shelf is placed since they seem to add up. I made a shadowless version and am sharing it for people who are having a similar issue with the shadows. The shadowless version has *no* shadows...it has no floor shadows and casts no shadow on the walls either. It will overwrite the original version. Other than having no shadows these shelves and upright pieces are exactly like the others and are base-game compatible.

Each component costs $10 and is found in Surfaces/Miscellaneous.

The shelves look good with a variety of styles and are meant for the indoors. If you use them outside they need shade to make their shadow look completely right.

The individual shelves tile nicely and they also tile nicely when combined with their uprights:

Two shelves can be placed at the same level and they will also tile nicely as seen in the thumbnail picture below.

Due to the way that this game is designed tiling will not work for every pattern on every object. If you don't believe that check out EA's tiling This object is no different...but I can tell you your pattern will *not* be distorted.

Picture credits: Animal sculptures - HazuiTokage (MTS), Liquor bottles, mags, photos, & books - Lemoncandy (MTS), Sunburst Clock - Cmomoney (MTS). If I missed anybody please let me know.

Special thanks to Cmomoney who answered all the questions I had that were keeping me from making this set.

Thank you also to HugeLunatic, Ravenshadow, and Cmomoney for unlocking the secrets of slots in this game.

Polygon Counts:
Each shelf - 30 faces 40 vertices

Each upright panel - 30 faces 40 vertices

Additional Credits:
Inge & Peter Jones - S3OC & s3pe.

Wes Howe - S3ObjTool.