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A Small "Modern" Kingdom (No CC and Fewer EPs) Part 3 of 5

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Uploaded: 31st Jul 2010 at 4:48 PM
Updated: 26th Nov 2010 at 6:58 PM
A Small "Modern" Kingdom (No CC and Fewer EPs) Part 3 of 5

This is a small collection of Medieval/Castle lots for those Simmers who could not download the Gwrych Project or Simmers who prefer the medieval feel of castles without Custom Content and using minimal EPs.

* VILLAGE 2 (Book Store, Clothing Store, Photography Studio/Gallery, Cyber Cafe/Restaurant)
* Home Business Lot (Home, Antique Furniture Shop, Beauty and Barber Shop)


A Small Kingdom - VILLAGE 2 Shops Lot Information

Lot Size: 3 x 2
Lot Cost: 0 Simoleons (Community Lot)
Total Bathrooms: 5 (With 5 Toilets)

Lot Description:
There are 4 seperate businesses on this lot. There is a Clothing Store (males downstairs/females upstairs). There is a Book Store (with a used books library upstairs). There is a small Photography Studio. There is a Cyber Cafe with Buffet Dining, Computers, Video Games and Conversation areas.



Lot Size: 4 x 3
Lot Cost: 0 Simoleons (Community Lot)
Total Bathrooms: 3 (With 9 Toilets and 4 Showers)

Lot Description:
This campus has everything EXCEPT dorms. There are an Admissions Desk/Lounge, 2 Campus Stores, a Student Lounge, 4 Classrooms, a Gym, a Library, a Study Hall, 2 Showering Restrooms, a Horticulture Room, a Music Lab, a Computer Lab, an Auditorium, a Cafeteria (Restaurant) and 4 Offices.

There are also Dorms for "A Small Kingdom" included in Part 2 of this Collection.


A Small Kingdom - Home Business Lot

Lot Size: 3 x 2
Lot Cost: 221,678 Simoleons (Residential "Home Business" Lot)
Total Bedrooms: 2
Total Bathrooms: 4 (4 Toilets, 2 Showers/Tubs)

Lot Description:
This lot includes a family home (UPSTAIRS) and 2 small Home Businesses. The Living Space includes 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a Great Room (Kitchen, Dining and Living Room Space) with 3 exterior balconies. There is a small Antique Furniture Shop and a small Beauty and Barber Shop.

Tips for the Home Business
To run your own home business, you need to first click on the door on the 3 Stairwell Hall Doors (the Middle Exterior Door and the 2 hall doors that lead to the 2 shops from the stairwell) and LOCK them to keep customers out of the upstairs "family" area. Then, click on the telephone and "Business" to Start your own home business. Follow the instructions given using the Home Business icon at the upper right side of your screen to select the items for sale, etc. While there is no "Break Room" for the 4 workers you may hire (2 cashiers / 2 hair stylists), there is a backyard grill area with an outdoor mini-fridge.


Important Notes:
* This collection is being presented in 5 small parts due to the various EP combinations used to create each set of lots.
* No User Created Custom Content was used to create these lots. However, there is a small list of "suggested" items noted at the end of this thread.
* No Stuff Packs were used to create this collection.
* These lots have a medieval feel in modern times.
* These lots are fully furnished (with the exception of Part 5: A Small Kingdom Starter House Collection).
* These lots were created using Any Game Starter by Numenor found HERE.

* EPs USED: University, Night Life, Open For Business

If you would like to setup "A Small Kingdom" as a complete neighborhood, you will need University, Night Life, Open For Business, Apartment Life and Bon Voyage.

I am also releasing the GWRYCH MEDIEVAL MARCH (25 Lots) AFTER I upload the 5 Parts to this "A SMALL KINGDOM" set. The Gwrych Collection will include alternative and LOADED versions of several of the lots included in this set, but decorated with Medieval Decor. So...all you Gwrych fans, feel free to download these lots as well as there will be differences between the 2 sets. However, keep in mind that the bases for these lots were used to create the many of the in the Gwrych Medieval March lots. The LOADED versions will have all the usual Medieval Custom Content and use ALL EPs and Stuff Packs. Look for the Gwrych March Set soon.



I didn't include fireplaces in several of the lots (including the castle) because I feel it would conflict with the exterior "look". However, I do believe the Chimneyless fireplace by Mia found HERE will add a bit of "warmth" to your "Small Kingdom" lots.

I DID NOT use Seasons to create these lots, so I didn't include the Wishing Well. However, if you have Seasons, adding the wishing well to the lots will give them a bit more of a medieval feel. The extracted Seasons Buyable Wishing Well can be found HERE.

I think the Doctor's Office can benefit from a few Business Signs (especially a Sim Visa sign behind the reception desk). SaraF created a few signs you may find useful that can be found HERE and HERE.