Torrox Spanish/Southwestern Build Set Part 1 - Master Objects

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Uploaded: 12th Aug 2010 at 1:36 AM
Updated: 3rd Dec 2010 at 8:45 PM

Proudly presenting my summer holiday project: A large set of Spanish/Southwestern inspired build mode items and other architectural objects. Doors, windows and archways. Ledges, shutters, beams and bars to customize your windows. Walls and floors. Stairs, fences and borders.Wall cut-outs and window sills with slots. And possibly even more to come in the future.

If you would like to have any of all that you should start here and download these two master objects – a two storey window with a support beam above it and a fake staircase/balcony with lots of room for plants and decorative pots.

All the rest of the items in this set (except walls, floors and fences) are linked to these two objects and won’t work without them. At the same time if you recolor the two master objects you will have recolored more than 50 slave objects in one go. As a practical detail the staircase/balcony can be easily recolored to match almost any wall you’d want to use – and with it the real staircase, the window ledges and the wall cut-outs from other parts of the set. See explanation of how to do this below.

Of course I’ve made some recolors to start out with. Here’s the window mesh and its six recolors:

And here’s the fake staircase/balcony mesh with its recolors. There are seven of the wall/plaster texture – they match the walls in part 4 of this set – and seven of the metal railing – including a transparent one which makes the railing disappear.

Oh, and before I forget: The stairs/balcony has 12 slots where you can place lamps, plants and other deco objects. It fits all counter-height windows.

To help keeping track of things, here's a list of what the Torrox Spanish/Southwestern Build Set consists of so far:

Part 1 – Master objects
Part 2 – Windows, Doors and Archways
Part 3 – Window Accessories
Part 4 – Walls and Floors
Part 5 – Staircases
Part 6 – Fences and Borders
Part 7 – Wall Cut-outs and Accessories
Part 8 – Privacy Window with Accessories
Part 9 – Columns

The collection file includes all 9 parts of the set, except fences.


How to recolor the fake staircase/balcony to match almost any wall you’d like to use:

1) Open the wall you want to use in SimPE and extract the texture. If it’s a Maxis wall you’ll have to make a clone in HomeCrafter first.

2) Use a graphics program to change the size of the extracted texture to 256 x 512 pixels.

3) Make a recolor of the ‘Wall’ subset of the staircase/balcony and import the texture into it.

4) And voila, the staircase/balcony should now match your wall – and so should the real staircase in part 5 of this set and the wall cut-outs in part 7.

5) Please note that not all walls work equally well as recolors. Finely patterned wallpapers and tiled walls might not look as good as plaster and painted walls.


Catalogue placement:
Two storey window in Build Mode – Two storey windows at 213 simoleons
Fake staircase/balcony in Decorative – Miscellaneous at 212 simoleons

Polygon Counts:
Two storey window – 828
Fake staircase/balcony – 789

Additional Credits:
SimPE, MilkShape, UV Mapper, Photoshop