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Maxis Matrix/Craftsman Window Set with Recolorable Interior & Exterior Frames - 2/9 added new GUID's - Please Redownload

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Uploaded: 22nd Aug 2011 at 11:32 PM
Updated: 10th Feb 2012 at 7:26 PM - Fixed guid's
Because I like the ability to have different interior and exterior colors on my doors and windows I decided to re-do my Craftsman window set found HERE .

2/9/12 - The good news. I changed the GUID's and filenames, as these windows were conflicting with my old set. Now both sets will function together.
The bad news. You will have to manually delete this version from your downloads folder BEFORE adding the new files. Any house that used this set will have to have the windows redone.

IMPORTANT - This set will replace Maxis Craftsman/Symmetric Poly-Molecular Matrix Window so the file _Craftsman/Symmetric Poly-Molecular Matrix Window - Master needs to be in the file of an uploaded houses. This has to be done so that the interior and exterior windows could have different colors.

When you recolor use the _tb_Craftsman_Maxis Replacement-MASTER.package. One texture will recolor both the interior and exterior frames.

The craftsman glass will no longer be recolorable but windows cloned using it will work fine.

Matching Half-Walls can be found HERE

Matching Garage Door can be found HERE

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Polygon Counts:
Craftsman 1Tile Arch On 2 Tiles 524
Craftsman Bath Window on 2 Tiles Closed 452
Craftsman 1Tile Glass Door On 2Tiles 1064
Craftsman 1Tile Interior Door On 2Tiles 1064
Craftsman Kitchen Window Closed on 2 Tiles 604
Closed 1Tile Maxis Craftsman Window on 2Tiles 756
Craftsman 1Tile Privacy Closed window on 2 Tiles 424
Craftsman 1Tile On 2Tiles Tall Privacy Closed LOW Window 584
Craftsman 1TileTall Privacy Window on 2Tiles 584
Craftsman 1TileOn2Tile Tall Closed Window 828
Craftsman 1 Tile - 2 Story Window 1024
Craftsman 1Tile Arch 524
Craftsman Bath Window Closed 452
Craftsman Bath Open Window 500
Craftsman 1Tile Door 1064
Craftsman Men's Restroom Door 990
Craftsman 1Tile Interior Door 1064
Craftsman Women's Restroom Door 990
Craftsman Kitchen Window Closed 604
Craftsman Kitchen Window Open 744
Craftsman 1Tile Maxis Open Window 772
Craftsman 1Tile Privacy Closed window 424
Craftsman 1Tile Privacy Open window 440
Craftsman 1Tile Tall Narrow Closed - Right 592
Craftsman 1Tile Tall Privacy Closed 584
Craftsman 1Tile Tall Privacy Open LOW Window 604
Craftsman 1Tile Tall Privacy Open Window 604
Craftsman 1Tile Tall Closed Window 828
Craftsman 1Tile Tall Open Window 856
2 Tile Kitchen Window On 3 Tiles Closed 972
Craftsman 2Tile On 3Tiles Short Closed Window 1264
Craftsman 2Tile On 3Tiles Tall Closed Window 1456
Craftsman 2 Tile - 2 Story Window 1800
Craftsman 2Tile Arch 700
Craftsman 2Tile Glass Door 1900
Craftsman 2Tile Interior Door 1908
2 Tile Kitchen Window Closed 972
2 Tile Kitchen Window Open 1244
Craftsman 2Tile Short Closed Window 1264
Craftsman 2Tile Short Open Window 1300
Craftsman 2Tile Tall Closed Window 1456
Craftsman 2Tile Tall Open Window 1492
Craftsman 3 Tile Tall - Closed 1956
Craftsman 3 Tile Tall - Open 2035
Craftsman Sliding Glass Door 2082
Colonial Tract Extendable Arch Side 384
Craftsman Extendable Arch Side 302
Symmetric Poly-Molecular Matrix Window Diagonal 744
_Craftsman/Symmetric Poly-Molecular Matrix Window - Master 744