10 Extra Afterschool Activities

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Uploaded: 30th Nov 2019 at 10:28 AM
Updated: 25th Jul 2022 at 8:54 AM
3rd December 2019 ~ I've included a NoStore version which removes the Artisan skill for the Ceramics club and replaces it with Sculpting. Only use ONE version, they will conflict with one another

More afterschool activities! The children and teens in town loved their new activities last time but they always want more! So here they are.

For these activities to show up in game, you'll need Nraas Careers Mod and Nraas Careers School. The activities work on patch 1.69.
Nine of these are available for teenagers and five are available for children. This means four of the activities are available for both. Details to be found below.

Technically speaking, only Generations is a must for these to show up. However certain skills won't be built if the correct Expansions Packs/Store Content isn't installed. For everything to work as intended, you will need Generations, World Adventures, Ambitions, Island Paradise, University and the Glassblowing Station from the Store.

The Activities

Days: Tuesday and Friday
Ages: Teen
Skills: Artisan Skill (Requires The Glassblowing Station)

Woodwork Class
Days: Monday and Thursday
Ages: Teen
Skills: Sculpting (Requires Ambitions)

Photography Club
Days: Wednesday and Friday
Ages: Child and Teen
Skills: Photography (Requires World Adventures OR University)

Driving Lessons
Days: Monday and Wednesday
Ages: Teen
Skills: Driving

Young Thespians Drama Club
Days: Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday
Ages: Child
Skills: Charisma

Metalwork Class
Days: Monday and Thursday
Ages: Teen
Skills: Inventing (Requires Ambitions)

SimFu Class
Days: Tuesday and Friday
Ages: Child and Teen
Skills: SimFu (Requires World Adventures)

Creative Writing Class
Days: Tuesday and Wednesday
Ages: Child and Teen
Skills: Writing

Watersports Club
Days: Monday and Friday
Ages: Teen
Skills: Waterskiing, Windsurfing, Scuba Diving (Requires Island Paradise)

Astronomy Club
Days: Tuesday and Thursday
Ages: Child, Teen
Skills: Logic and Science (Will only build Science skill if University is installed)


The activities are in English and support translations in the following languages:
German ~ Thanks Angie!
Russian ~ Thanks Victor!
Portuguese (European) ~ Thanks dramatic!
Dutch ~ Thanks Lessien Vardamir!
French ~ Thanks BakaKashi!
Italian ~ Thanks Sim mania!
Portugese (Brazillian) ~ Thanks Flora Terra!
Greek ~ Thanks Pagkosmios!
Chinese ~ Thanks vkey!
Spanish ~ Thanks Mayka!
Czech ~ Thanks ┼Żaneta!

I'm not fluent enough in any other languages to translate, so if you're interested in translating these activities into your own language, please download the Language Strings file and open in up in Notepad.

<STR>Translate This Text</STR>

Do this for the entire file, then attach the translation to a comment and I'll update as soon as possible.
The activities has been tested but if you do run into any problems, don't hesitate to let me know and I'll see what I can do.

Additional Credits:
Twallan for the Careers mod and for his help when I ran into problems.
The NRaas team for keeping the mods updated.
All the translators!