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Featured upload! Moar Interactions

by Buzzler Posted 22nd Mar 2011 at 8:55 PM - Updated 25th Jan 2015 at 5:19 PM by Buzzler
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This is a featured upload! It showcases the best talent and creativity available on MTS and in the community.
2015-01-25 - Fixed a facepalmy bug that I introduced with a recent cleanup. Thanks to igazor for providing a script error that helped me pinpoint it.
2015-01-11 - Updated Commons. Affects Scribbling Pad, DouglasVeiga Dancer Servcer, Moar Interactions and Buy Takeout. If you use any of them, download the updated version, please.
2014-03-15 - Updated to game version 1.67. Availability tuning works again.

Supported for game version 1.67.

scope of this mod
This mod is a compilation of interactions that are either entirely new or altered/fixed EAxian interactions. The latter one is done by replacing the original interactions.

Attend ShowShow VenueAltered&FixedGroup Attend like Restaurant's Eat Here; Fixed Concert Length.
Attend GameStadiumAlteredGroup Attend like Restaurant's Eat Here.
Eat HereRestaurantAltered&FixedRelationship gain for all involved sims; Fixed dessert stage length.
Help With HomeworkSimNew
Go To Bed WithDouble BedNew
Come To BedSimNew
Work OvertimeRabbit HoleNew
Work Parttime ShiftRabbit HoleNew
Have/ServeFridgeNewFor community lots.
Have/ServeStoveNewFor community lots.
Stock WithFridgeNew
Remove All ButFridgeNew
Try To Buy IngredientsRestaurantNew
Read Skill BookBookshelfNewOnly for townies; unavailable for active sims.
Read SomethingBookshelfAlteredNo reread.
Commission UpgradeUpgradable ObjectNew
SocializeSimNewSocializing macro.
Work OutAthletic ObjectAlteredNo sweaty workouts.
Jog HereTerrainAlteredNo sweaty workouts.
Ask To Be TrainedAthletic ObjectNew
Cancel Carpool/Apply For CarpoolPhoneNew
Cancel/Apply Shoolbus ForPhoneNew
Collect All Clothes On LotHamperNew
Do LaundryWashingmachineAlteredSims can't do laundry on community lots if they didn't collect it first.
Dance TogetherSimFixedFun gain for target.
Go Here (With)TerrainAlteredDoesn't drop from the queue; doesn't form group on arrival.
Visit Lot (With)LotAlteredDoesn't form group on arrival.
Invite Over/Out/To LotPhoneAlteredDoesn't form group on arrival.

The tuning package contains two XML resources for tunables and an XML resource for the basic availability of the interactions. Except for the latter one, there is no documentation, but the names should be mostly self-explaining. If you're able to do tuning/XML modding, just skip this and do your shtick. If you're new to to this, get yourself S3PE and read the instructions. It will work with other package editors as well of course, but I will only explain it for S3PE.

Wherever possible, I used already existing and localized strings; new strings are fully localizable. If you are willing to support a translation, please read the instructions.

Disclaimer: I consider my mods to be free as free beer, copyleft - all right reversed, whatever you may call it. I expect the same from your translation! If you are not okay with this, then don't support a translation! If you already supported a translation and are not okay with this, tell me and I will pull it.

Currently supported languages: English, Spanish, Finnish, French, German, Brazilian, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Norwegian, Dutch, Japanese, Swedish, Russian, Czech, Korean

legal stuff

possible conflicts
This is a scripting mod and as such the possibility for conflicts with other mods, no matter what kind, is next to non-existant. Other scripting mods that replace interactions might tangle with this mod, though. I've implemented safeguards for the cases I know. Heads Up! If you check this mod in Delphy's Dashboard, it may show a conflict with my other mods. You can ignore that. It's by design, i.e. some of my mods share one framework resource. It will actually conflict in the sense that the game will only load one instance of that resource. That's the whole point, though.

Please follow Game_Help:Installing_Sims_3_Package_Fileswiki. I can't explain it any better than that. Seriously, I won't even try even if you ask me.

Do NOT just rip this mod out! If one of the interactions of this mod is currently running when you save your game, you may become unable to load your savegame without this mod!

This mod contains a lot of autonomous interactions, so even if you make sure that none of your active sims currently perform one of the interactions, there's still a very high chance that a townie is performing one.

Prior to deinstallation, reset all sims in town by opening the console with Ctrl-Shift-C and using "ResetSim *" (without the quotes). Alternatively use twallan's ErrorTrap mod which will drop all "illegal" interactions upon load.

I support my mods. I appreciate bug reports. I don't support mods or custom content in general. It's not an issue with a mod if it doesn't even show up in the game.

Thanks to Pablosky64, armiel, the_wizard, crinury, Killc*a, Sharner, Laisanae, raffo89, pawelostalowski, gh0ul, Aiken, yu_1, karlik-nos, timoram26, ivm, Kolikokoli and sdc02277 for translating.

Thanks to armiel for testing.

Might lead to a serious case of squished brain. Use for rocket fuel. Don't use for stomach ailment.

You must have the expansion, game version or stuff packs listed below installed to use this custom content. Please see the post text for any exceptions.

Sims 3
Built with Game Version: 1.55
Key: - File was updated after upload was posted
Filename - Tip: You can click the magnifying glass to see the archive contents Size Downloads Date

Size: 147.4 KB · Downloads: 114,675 · 25th Jan 2015
147.4 KB 114,675 25th Jan 2015 | see upload post for details

Size: 2.2 KB · Downloads: 16,390 · 5th Jun 2011
2.2 KB 16,390 5th Jun 2011 | ONLY FOR TRANSLATORS - the source text file for the ingame strings

Size: 40.3 KB · Downloads: 11,765 · 22nd Mar 2011
40.3 KB 11,765 22nd Mar 2011
Don't forget to Thank the creator after downloading! Use the Thanks button located above the screenshots above.
Basic Download and Install Instructions:

See: Game Help:TS3 CC Basicswiki for a full guide!
1097 Comments / Replies (Who?) - 727 Feedback Posts, 307 Thanks Posts
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Test Subject
#1001 Old 6th Dec 2013 at 5:21 AM
It worked fine for me on 1.63, but it seems to break AwesomeMode (maybe not the whole Awesome, but some parts of it). I have my Awesome set to autosave the game every 60 minutes, and it worked, only prior to installing this mod. Upon installing this mod, that functionality seems to be broken (I played the game for 2 hours straight and the autosaving function doesn't work). And judging by the others posts, I'm pretty sure there's many more things that I missed (broken functionalities).

This has happened before, mostly with outdated mods, conflicting with new or updated mods. I hope Buzz can find some time to update this gem. It's very important as I don't like to click on the Sims lots of time just to interact with them. Until this mod is updated, I'm going to have to remove it, unfortunately.
Test Subject
#1002 Old 25th Dec 2013 at 11:09 PM
Is Buzzler ever coming back? If not I hope someone updates this mod. It's one of the best ones ever made and I want it back.
#1003 Old 26th Dec 2013 at 12:28 AM
Originally Posted by void2812
Is Buzzler ever coming back? If not I hope someone updates this mod. It's one of the best ones ever made and I want it back.

He's not gone yet, just I think the real life is stronger.
Test Subject
#1004 Old 5th Jan 2014 at 12:10 AM
Just wanted to say that this Mod is amazing, especially for the "Work Overtime" and "Work For Three Hours" interaction. I used it about a year ago and have been looking for it for a long time! Thank you
Test Subject
#1005 Old 9th Jan 2014 at 11:37 PM
I love some of these! the socialise on is great! but i dont like that they can try for baby when romantically socialising
Test Subject
#1006 Old 9th Feb 2014 at 5:27 PM
Dear Buzzler, really thank you, your mod is very fun, it works well on Macintosh. Very happy you've made an update. To have patience is a good thing !
Lab Assistant
#1007 Old 28th Feb 2014 at 2:45 AM
I remember once I asked for ingredients at the diner and they didn't give it to me. I owned every place in town so I fired Jared Frio. Went back in and they gave me the ingredients! XD Thanks for making this mod! I can't download it cause it's not patched
#1008 Old 15th Mar 2014 at 12:29 PM
Hey Buzzler! Thank you so much for updating this mod to patch 1.67! I waited patiently for it although the last one worked for me. Still I really appreciate it, this is one of my favourite mods.
You're going to make so many people insanely happy with this! Welcome back!
Test Subject
#1009 Old 15th Mar 2014 at 12:40 PM
Have come to depend on these "additions", and that's a good thing. Thanks!
Lab Assistant
#1010 Old 15th Mar 2014 at 4:17 PM
Thanks so much Buzzler! I have missed this mod SOOOOOOO much.
Test Subject
#1011 Old 15th Mar 2014 at 8:12 PM
Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#1012 Old 16th Mar 2014 at 12:24 PM
Buzz, does it matter that Moar and Take Home Foods show up as conflicted on Dashboard? I'm sure its no big deal and I'll still use them both - just thought I'd ask
Test Subject
#1013 Old 18th Mar 2014 at 1:38 PM
Default Can't get sim Pregnant
Seems weird, but since adding your mod to my game, my sim won't get pregnant. I have some of the Nraas mods. including woohooer. I even set the "try for a bay" chance to 100%. As soon as I reset the town, removed the mod, and restarted the game, she found out she was pregnant within seconds.

25th Mar 2014 at 2:44 PM
This message has been deleted by Modling.
Lab Assistant
#1014 Old 1st Apr 2014 at 4:20 PM
Thank you!! I love this Mod great work!!
#1015 Old 5th Apr 2014 at 12:25 PM
I don't understand completly whether I should download the first or the third file or both. Could you help?

Overview all my creations (MTS and beyond): Download at once (SimFileShare)
FAQ and policy: Policy S2I
The School Project (finished): The School Project (Completed)
Over 500 new food items to come in Fast & Healthy Cooking Project: F&HCP
#1016 Old 5th Apr 2014 at 4:39 PM
Originally Posted by lientebollemeis
I don't understand completly whether I should download the first or the third file or both. Could you help?

Just you need the first one.

Tuning file is required when you want to customize how the mod should run.
Test Subject
#1017 Old 7th Apr 2014 at 2:23 AM
With this mod my sims don't the washing in the laundromat Need delete mod every time when sim want the washing.
Sorry for my english.
Test Subject
#1018 Old 14th Apr 2014 at 2:40 AM
I've always had issues with the macros - I downloaded your latest version of the file in the hopes that it would fix, but nothing's happened. the result is, that I can't get my sims to socialise at all; without removing all the mods in the folder; which is greatly inconvenient. Being unable to socialise means that I can't play any adventures with my adventurer sim, and that's very awkward.

Can anyone give me advice to get this mod to work fully? I was so excited when I'd first come across it last year, but it's never worked for me =<
Test Subject
#1019 Old 22nd Apr 2014 at 12:15 PM
Good job... Great contribution... Thanks.
Field Researcher
#1020 Old 23rd Apr 2014 at 5:25 PM
Originally Posted by joijoi
With this mod my sims don't the washing in the laundromat Need delete mod every time when sim want the washing.
Sorry for my english.

Do your sims have any dirty laundry in their inventory? With this mod you have to have a hamper on the home lot so your sims can generate dirty clothes, then you have to collect all the laundry, once its in the sims inventory you can go to the laundromat and wash clothes.
Test Subject
#1021 Old 24th Apr 2014 at 7:29 PM
I'm having some problems with the Socialize - Romantic macro. My sim invites her boyfriend to her home, and when they do the woohoo interaction, it breaks their date and she gets the "rude guest" moodlet. Then if she tries to do anything romantic after that, he reacts negatively.
Test Subject
#1022 Old 25th Apr 2014 at 12:46 AM
thank you Buzzler
Lab Assistant
#1023 Old 17th May 2014 at 1:25 PM
I've been using this mod for a long time and love the features. It has always been my experience that the various "Socialize" options have to be initiated by the user.

Suddenly, just in the last couple days, my Sim has been autonomously selecting one of the Socialize options. Usually it's Friendly, and I've just cancelled it. But just now she chose Mean for a Sim she'd never met before.

I haven't installed any new mods or made any changes lately that I can think that might cause this. It's possible it was present before, but this was the first time I'd seen it. It's only happened about 3-4 times in the course of playing several hours a day for the last week. So it's hard for me to test it to figure out what the problem is. I'm also only playing with a single Sim. I'm worried about starting a family with her, and while not watching one of my Sims they might go off and do something really stupid.

Was the Socialize option meant to be something the Sim could initiate?
Test Subject
#1024 Old 2nd Jun 2014 at 12:00 PM
Thank you very much for this mod. I've been very cautious when it comes to adding mods to my game in order to avoid breaking too much, but this looks too interesting!

One newbie question: I've been toying around with Twallan's Retuner and I've found a 'Sims3.TwoBTech' entry there which I can use to tune your 'Box of seeds', but for the live of me I cannot find the tuning file for this package in there? Should this package be tunable that way (I have the tuning package itself installed)? Or is the only way to tune it using S3PE?
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