St. Andrews Abandoned Church – Vampire Lair

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Uploaded: 29th Oct 2005 at 12:16 PM
Updated: 30th Oct 2005 at 10:42 AM by duckingdal - Uploaded pack is empty
This is the first creation I’ve tried to upload to Mod the Sims 2, so I hope you like it.

Description: I wanted to make a residential lot that could accommodate a group of vampires, and what would be a more appropriate living quarter for a vampire than an abandoned church with old coffins and a nice crypt.
The crypt -1st level is a nice dark and comfy crypt, is the perfect living quarter for a vampire, it has no windows and will keep them out of the sun during the day. It has been fitted with a kitchen, a bathroom and a large living room that includes a dining room and a study. The Hall that leads to the church room has been fitted with a card table and a piano, and the corridor that allows the vampires a direct access to the garage contains a couple of fitness machines.
The church hall – the 2nd level has four niches with coffins for the vampires to sleep in and an altar with a wedding arch.
The Balcony is mostly decorative, but it has a chess board.
The garden includes a nice overgrown cemetery, with actual simgraves and gosts, but they seem to disappear when the lot is packed.
Lot size: 3x5
The lot is fully furnished, and require both University and Nightlife, the price is 215.584.

Costum content: The lot contains one piece of costume content.

"Out Of The Dark Ages - 2 Storie - Church Style" window bye Moon_Ez.

Other costum content that appear in the pictures has been removed before the lot was packed.
The lot has been scanned with the Clean Installer and contain no hacks.

:sorry: I'm not used to the Clean Installer and I uploaded an empty package. I've uploaded the right package now, please upload again if you've uploaded the empty pack.