The Emerald Gate (a thought-based approach to careers) *Update*

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If you have downloaded this file and tried to place it in your downloads folder, you may find that winter's book wants to be overwritten. This new file will prevent this clash from occuring. Thanks smithycpl for pointing this out

Alone now, you stumble across the burning rocks and smouldering cinders, intent on finding- and destroying- the Mutaeter, the demonic lord of Eyllisarnith. The burning lands are dark, illuminated only when seekers fly past, and the screams of tormented souls echo across the void...

The Emerald Gate is a short story piece that I wrote in year 11. Whilst rummaging through my old books I found it lodged in my english folder. Extracting it, I read it through and thought that I might be able to sculpt it into a career. And this is the result- The Emerald Gate.

The story revolves around a small village community, bound by sacred oath to protect the Emerald Gate, a Gate to... well, I'd advise that you play the career to find out.

This career is very much observation based- to survive the career, you need to read the job descriptions and chance cards very carefully- they give vital clues that will help you to pick the correct option to go for in later cards.

The pay for each level is low, but if you pick the correct options each time, you'll be rewarded with a large 60k bonus at the end.

The career levels go as follows-

The Opening Ceremony
The Demonic Arrival
The Final Warrior
Fighting in the Flames
A Hero Returns

(These are chapter titles I used in my real story)

The clothing comes from Magick Modders members Helaene and Tiggerypum. As you can see, Michael had a great time modelling the male outfit for me (err... correction- picture not working, and I have no time to sort it out now- please bare with me)

The reward is courtesy of wintermuteai1- the book may appear a little useless in the picture, but reading the original thread will explain its powers a little more

Chance Cards complete
Will work with all EP's
You can have winter's book and my modded version without any problems, as they do not share the same guid.
To install, place all the files in your Downloads folder (bar the readme's)

I hope you enjoy- remember, reading is everything- the tiniest piece of info may mean the difference between life and death!


P.s. Dying means that you're sacked from the job- you don't actually die (heaven forbid!)

P.P.s. The spoiler file contains all the text used in the career- read if you don't mind spoiling the surprises