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Just Peachy 2 Bedroom Country

by karen82869 Posted 5th Sep 2006 at 12:03 AM - Updated 3rd Oct 2008 at 2:19 AM by karen82869 : IMG links
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Test Subject
#51 Old 9th Mar 2007 at 11:03 PM
love it, just love it

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Test Subject
#52 Old 21st May 2007 at 1:58 AM
This is such a sweet home. Thank you for sharing it with us. I have found a new treasure!
#53 Old 15th Jun 2007 at 1:51 PM
Wonderfully romantic, Thanks!
Field Researcher
#54 Old 27th Oct 2007 at 11:03 PM
When I first saw the picture, I thought it was a picture of a real house. Bravo! Very different features having the multi-level.

Let me know if you use any of my recolors in a story, video, etc. I'd like to see it!
Wiki Wizard
#55 Old 2nd Apr 2008 at 2:39 PM
amazing, thanks:D

It's ok, we all laugh-snort occasionally!
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#56 Old 15th Apr 2008 at 9:35 PM Last edited by Canoodle : 17th Apr 2008 at 10:18 PM. Reason: Converted to a 'thanks' post.
GREAT! I love it! Thanks!

Forum Resident
#57 Old 15th Apr 2008 at 10:07 PM
Thank you! What a beautiful home! Wish I could live in it. And something else I really like is that you don't have to download a whole lot of custom content, which makes it easier! Thanks again, karen, I like the house!

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Test Subject
#58 Old 16th Apr 2008 at 4:20 PM Last edited by Canoodle : 17th Apr 2008 at 10:18 PM. Reason: Converted to a 'thanks' post.
i can't extract it :'( there's an error -.-
it's awesome. i want it oO

Edit: now it works for me
thank you so much !

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Test Subject
#59 Old 30th May 2008 at 7:46 PM
wow, this house is so nice!! the decor is a bit old fashioned, but it takes about 20 mins to adust to own taste... i'm going to see your other uploads now... (posts reply and clicks on link)

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Field Researcher
#60 Old 25th Jun 2008 at 5:13 AM
I played this and it is one of my favorite sim houses ever. It is creative, unique, functional, and efficient--all the criteria for an excellent home! Beautiful work, thank you so much, and keep up that creative flow!

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