Six New Meshes: Three Tile Windows

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Uploaded: 23rd Sep 2006 at 10:17 PM
Updated: 10th Feb 2007 at 5:01 PM - Fixed pictures, sorry, stupid imageshack
Well hello, once again. Today, I have a long awaited set and it's not even done yet! These are just the three tilers, the one and two tile matching sets will be uploaded later whence I get the diagonal problems worked out. :D

Sorry about the massive pictures, there's 5 colors for each mesh, and 6 colors for one, (LyricLee, look in row five down :p) If the pictures are too big please notify me and I will change them.

Before I get started, I'd like to thank, IgnorantBliss ,and the rest of the fabulous users that help out in the Create section here. Their help was a must throughout this incredibly long project that I started in March.

Well, in this part of the set there are, like I said above, six new meshes. Each window lines up in the same exact height as my four tile window so you can mix and match. They require at least one expansion, I believe and I would appreciate testers.

I'm changing it up on this one, you can include it with your lots/houses, you can recolor, and you can clone and use it as a base, if you wish. I require you to give me credit for any one of the things listed above, espesially if you clone or recolor.

1. Basic - this is just a plain frame
2. Three Pane Split - three glass panes, a somewhat retro look, and my favorite
3. Five Pane Split - five glass panes, similar to my four tile window
4. Lattice - a major retro look, and a crowd favorite
5. Nautical - a four pane window, that boasts a nautical appearance
6. Open - a five pane splitter with the bottom open to provide air flow.
(please note that the open window is somewhat sensitive to having the open side on the outside. Just noodle around with it and it will go )

These windows take up three tiles on each side, but DO NOT include the diagonals. It would be extremly complex to get the diagonals with these quite messy files, so don't ask for diagonals please, unless you're willing to help of course.

Ummm, I think that's it. Ok, have fun :D