Dark Magician Girl

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Uploaded: 2nd Jun 2007 at 3:29 AM
Updated: 5th Jun 2007 at 8:35 PM
I wonder how many people actually play Yu-Gi-Oh anymore? The Dark Magician Girl has always been one of my favorite cards from the game, though I never much fancied the show, so I decided I would take it upon myself to make her. I realize the DMG's eyes are supposed to be green but the picture I used to model her after had blue, here. A long while ago ,when I was still into yugioh, I stumbled across a really wierd version of this card and when I started making this I decided to include the alternate art version as well. The wand is part of the body and cannot be removed, although the hat is attatched to the hair and is alpha editable so it can be removed if you recolor it. the back of the hair does not really look like it does on the card pics (those are photoshoped) as you can see in the other pics. As usual, feel free to recolor the meshes or remake her using my meshes as long as you do not post it on a pay site or the exchange, and be sure to link back.

Custom Content by Me:
- Alternate Dark Magician Girl
- DMG_Blush
- DMG_RedHat
- DMG_RedHat
- DMGBody_Red
- Dark Magician Girl
- DMG_Blush
- DMG_BlueHat
- DMG_BlueHat
- DMGBody_Blue
- DMGHair_MESH Polys:2488
- DMGBody_MESH Polys:6137

Custom Content Included:
- VenomLips -Bloody Mary by [email protected]
- Gleam by Pickpock
- Eyeshadow #2 {[email protected]} by {[email protected]}
- VenomLips -Bloody Mary- [email protected] by [email protected]
- Gleam, by Pickpock by Pickpock
- Pale Skin by Chironthya