14 More Kitchen Appliance Recolors

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Uploaded: 10th Jun 2007 at 9:08 PM
Updated: 27th Oct 2008 at 8:57 PM
Hello again, I am posting more recolors!.. This sets are Darkest black colors... More of a gothic feel i am thinking.. I made 8 Bold Black colors and 6 Lighter Black colors... Hehe... I am really bad at naming things .. :D
With this only beening the second thead I have done I hope people like this one as much as the last one..

Ok So this sets are Dark colors.
Bare in mind my Naming sucks big time...

I recolored maxis:
Ciao Time Bovinia Refrigerator Modle
Shiny things Inc Whip-Aire Dishwasher
Elegant Chef Famebay gas Range
Gagmia Simore "refuseNik" trashcompactor
Extra Pep Coffeemaker *see bottom of post*
XLR8R2 Food Processor *see bottom of post*

And come out with 8 Bold Black colors.. :S

Black Red
Black Blue
Black Green
Black Purple
Black Brown
Black Yellow
And A Black Sea Green sort of color
I don't know I am weird when it comes to names... :P

EmoTinkerbell571 Asked for a black color and damn if that was harder then i thought it would be... But in the end I was able to recolor one with a good matching set.. Now maxis has a black color fridge already in the game and the one i made is a bit Darker...
This pictures shows my recolor and Maxis black... The one to the left is mine.. The Right one is Maxis.. Mine is a bit darker in color...
I also wanted to show the diffrent in colors of Bold Red and the Lighter Red...

The second sets are Lighter in color, 6 In colors in all...
More funky names
Black Light red
Black Light blue
Black Light green
Black Light brown
Black Light Green
Black Light Yellow

I tested them all to make sure they worked.... I had no problems with them what so ever... I hope they work for you guys just as well... My sims on the other hand dropped dead of a heatstroke testing all my new stuff ...

I wanted to make the Black set mostly because of this coooool wall paper i downloaded called Esoteric Wallset From Von4mouse.
I loved them so much :D.. So thanks to you for the inspirations :D

Per request by toadinthehole I have Recolored 2 Small Appliances to match each set... .. I recolored the Extra Pep Coffeemaker and XLR8R2 Food Processor .. Hope You Enjoy the new sets ... They match the best I could get them to match... Both sets are ready to download

Well, I think that about covers all I have I hope you liked the sets and please Check out my Bold Colors as well!!
Called Kitchen Appliance! 15 recolors from 6 Appliances

Thank you for checking out my sets and Please feel free to leave a comment and or request... Hope you like all the colors i made!!...
Not sure if anyone noticed in the sets but the dishwashers are a bit funky... When they open up the racks are full colored in..They look a bit like Draws.. It does not bother me at all but just a little warning for people who download them...


Additional Credits:
I used SimPE and Paint shop pro 8
Sims 2 Pack Clean Installer CEP Packages

Also want to thank MTS2

**My recolors are only for MTS2**