Expanded and Reduced LTW UPD 6thMar2008 FT Versions+

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Uploaded 8th Nov 2007 at 3:02 AM · Updated 28th Apr 2008 at 9:52 PM by Alexx58 : Update

To standard LTW were added expanded LTW and some of LTW were reduced +Uni LTW included:
Any LTW is for Any Aspiration.
Have 10 1st Dates
Have 20 1st Dates
Have 25 Dream Dates
Own 1 Top Level Businesses
Own 2 Top Level Businesses
20 LifetimeSimulBestFriends
30 LifetimeSimulBestFriends
Raise 1 Puppies or Kittens
Have 1 Pets Reach the Top of Their Careers
Have 2 Simultaneous Pet Best Friends
10 LifetimeSimulLovers
20 LifetimeSimulLovers
2 LifetimeLotsGrandchildren
2 LifetimeGraduateChildren
3 LifetimeGraduateChildren
2 LifetimeMarryChildren
100.000 LifetimeLotsOfMoney
200.000 LifetimeLotsOfMoney
20 LifetimeWooHoo
30 LifetimeWooHoo
50 LifetimeWooHoo
Eat 50 Grilled Cheese
5 LifetimeMaxSkills
7 LifetimeMaxSkills
Any changes for career based and rest of LTW.

2.LTW_XP_reduced_classic:All of LTW is for proper asp.(as EA default).

3.LTW_XP_reduced_var:More Expanded for other asp.LTW.
(TXT file in LTW_XP_reduced_var.rar included )
Adventurer - Wea,Pop,Know,Plea.
Celebr.Chef- Rom,Fam,Pop,Plea.
Party Guest- Rom,Wea,Pop,Plea.
Criminal - Wea,Pop,Know,Plea.
Cult Leader - Pop,Know.
Ecolog.Guru- Fam,Know.
Education - Fam,Wea,Know.
Gamer - Rom,Pop,Know,Plea.
General - Fam,Wea,Pop.
Golden Anni - Fam,Wea,Know.
Grad.Children - Fam,Wea,Pop,Know.
Hall Of Famer - Rom,Wea,Pop,Plea.
Have X DDates- Rom,Plea.
Have X 1stDates - Rom,Plea.
ChefofStuff - Fam,Wea,Know.
Icon - Rom,Pop,Plea.
Journalism - Rom,Pop,Know,Plea.
Law - Fam,Wea,Pop,Know.
Lot of Grandchildren - Fam,Wea.
Lot of Money - Fam,Wea,Pop,Plea.
Mary Off X Children - Fam,Wea.
Max X Skills - Fam,Know.
Major - Fam,Wea,Pop.
Music - Rom,Wea,Pop,Plea.
OwnTopBusiness - Any
SimulBestFriends - Rom,Pop,Plea.
Simul Loves- Rom,Plea.
SuperHero - Fam,Pop.
Tycoon - Fam,Wea.
Visionary - Rom,Pop,Plea.
WooHoo - Rom,Plea.
For rest of LTW - EA Default.

UPD 9thDec2007:Errors with "No icons" for buy EP6 objects wants fixed.

UPD 6thMar2008:Updated for "Free Time"versions.

Thanks to Squinge for original mod idea.

Install:Unrar and put in your downloads.
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