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Pet House Mod #Update (10/16/2008)#

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Uploaded: 4th Mar 2008 at 3:52 AM
Updated: 16th Oct 2008 at 3:14 AM
Update (10-16-2008)
All mods updated to Apartment Life, because AL have the option that toddler can sleep in pet house or bed.


Update (07/09/2008)
I have made smaller packages, one for each pethouse, both for dog and cat.
The reason I make this because it is easier to choose which file that suit your taste.
I used the object's name for the filename for easy description.
Also both dog and cat use the same filename, so it is impossible to use both at the same time.

For example, you want that dog only use "Pets' Desires House, The Comfy Critter Pallet & Scratchpaw Manor Pet House"
and the rest only used by cat, simply put the file that you want into Download folder.

If you want that both dog & cat can use spesific house, simply don't put that file into your Download folder.

Download the files "anak_ponti_PetHouse-Mod_CATS.rar" and "anak_ponti_PetHouse-Mod_DOGS.rar".

I hope this is useful for you, guys. Thanks.


This is the first game modification that I made, so I'm sorry if there is a mistake. It runs fine in my game.

This mod make the pet house in TS2Pets like this.

For dog only use:
Pets' Desires House
The Comfy Critter Pallet (I choose this for dog because it has a bone picture)
Average Paws Bedding
Scratchpaw Manor Pet House

For cat only use:
Comfy Pet Pillow
The Basket Experience
Pet Pillow Fantastic
Galactix Animal Home

You can test it yourself using this cheat: boolprop ControlPets on

I decided to make this mod because it's so strange to see a cat sleep in the dog house.

If you don't like the changes I made, you're welcome to change the TTAB yourself using SimPE.

Put this in the Download folder or subfolder.

Sorry for my bad English. And I don't have internet at home, so sorry if I can't reply you immediately.

Additional Credits: SimPE for superb modding tool.