Tim Russ as Tuvok from ST:Voyager

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Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Last recorded assignment: Detached leave, security chief of U.S.S. Voyager, for undercover Maquis mission; both ships lost and unaccounted for SD 48307.5; UPDATE — Served aboard Voyager 2371-2378 as Security and Tactical Officer; returned with Voyager to Alpha Quadrant in 2378
Full Name: Tuvok
Species: Vulcan
Time of birth: Stardate 38774, Terran year 2264
Place of birth: Vulcanis Lunar Colony
Education: Starfleet Academy, 2289-2293
Marital status: Married 2304 to T'Pel
Children: Three sons (one named Sek), one daughter (Asil); at least one grandchild, by Sek (T'Meni)

Security chief and tactical officer under Captain Kathryn Janeway who had gone undercover to infiltrate the Maqui as part of Chakotay's crew when both ships disappeared in the Badlands of the Demilitarized Zone, presumably destroyed by plasma storms; the smaller craft disappeared a week before the Voyager was last heard from on SD 48307.5.

Biography excerpt taken from StarTrek.com

To be honest,I never liked Tuvok that much,but lately he's starting to grow on me I've made a lot of Trek Sims for myself,but now I'm trying to improve them as much as possible so they could be shared with other Trek/Sims lovers.

Hair is by Maxis,and this great ST:Voyager uniform is by NixNivis,get it here.NixNivis also created rank insignia accessory which you can download here

I hope you'll enjoy Tuvok and his Vulcan logic

Thank you all,love

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