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Star Wars Legacy: Part 2 Sia, Antares & Ganner

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Uploaded: 10th Mar 2008 at 11:02 PM
Updated: 28th Mar 2009 at 11:10 PM
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for Sia's hair follow the path downloads/genetic/(page6) and download MYOSHAIR07 here and the mesh for her bangs is here

for Antares you'll need to get his hair here

for the Imperial Knights uniforms for both Antares and Ganner you must download the Imperial_Knights.zip AND the mesh here

for all three of their capes require the mesh here

Marasiah Fel
"You'd better hope these Sith kill you Antares, so you wont have to face my father's anger.."- Marasiah Fel to Antares Draco about his rescue mission.

Daughter and only child of Emperor Roan Fel, Sia is a confirmed decendent of Soontir Fel and I'd be willing to put my money on her being a decended of Han Solo & Princess Leia as well (most people believe her and her father to be decendent of Jaina Solo and Jagged Fel, but this has been neither confirmed nor denied). Assuming she is related to Princess Leia she bares many similarities to her ancestor aside from being a Princess. Still training to become a Jedi Knight, she would, and almost does, die for her cause.

Antares Draco
"Your Master's an usupper. And you're a fool, Sith, if you think I'm Roan Fel." -Antares to Darth Talon.

Antares was the leader of the Imperial Knights, whose loyalty Emperor Roan Fel and the Empire was second only to his devotion to Roan's daughter Princess Marasiah, as was evident when he defied a direct order from the Empire and went to Vendaxa to save Sia. Having reached the title of Master, Antares was not only skilled with a lightsaber but was also an ace pilot.

Ganner Krieg
"I know my father. He didn't send you on this mission."
"Actually, he forbade it." -Marasiah Fel and Ganner Krieg

Fellow Imperial Knight alongside Anteres, Ganner was his most trusted friend and was also fiercely loyal to the Emperor. Though calm, serious, and level headed, Ganner still followed his friend to aid the Princess on Vendaxa despite the Emperor's orders.

Custom Content by Me:
- Antares Draco
- Han Solo's nose
- Marasiah Fel
- Ganner Krieg
- Luke Skywalker chin dimple by aymo87
- Imperial Knight Uniform
- Imperial Knight Cape

Custom Content Included:
- helaene - 1119 male brows - black by helaene
- JoanneDyer by JoanneDyer
- Just Lips ~Mid~ by A.S.K. by AtomicSpaceKitty
- Scars by Derange by manikpanik7
- oepu.de skin march 07 - color 3 - barbie by oepu
- KyliEyes - Fever - [email protected] by bruno
- #2 - Euphoria - [email protected] by bruno
- EnglishGarden -Marigold- [email protected] by bruno
- helaene - new year brows - 4 by helaene
- Contacts - Dark Amber - [email protected] by bruno
- Brick Red blush|kamikitten.net by KamiKitten
- Tiikerin päiväuni - [email protected] by bruno
- oepu.de skin march 07 - color 2 - barbie by oepu
- Ephemera_0814EyeBrow by helaene
- eyes by JoanneDyer by JoanneDyer
- oepu.de skin march 07 - color 3 - barbie by oepu

Additional Credits:
Marie, Cav, mMathab, Elephant, nea200pl