Jonathan Frakes as William T. Riker

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Rank: Captain
Serial number: SC 231-427
Current assignment: Commander , U.S.S. Titan
Full Name: William Thomas Riker
Date of birth: August 19, 2335
Place of birth: Valdez, Alaska, Earth
Parents: Kyle and Betty C. Riker
Education: Starfleet Academy, 2353-57, graduated eighth in his class
Marital status: Married to Deanna Troi
Children: none
Quarters: formerly, Enterprise: Room 0912, first Deck 8, then Deck 9

Although Riker has displayed a well-rounded personality and temperament throughout his rising command career, his mother's death when he was only 2 helped foster an acrimonious 15-year separation from his father Kyle Riker at age 15, when he left home. He had deeply missed his mother, but came to loathe the distance his father erected between them as his own means of grief. Their relationship resorted to an ongoing competition in activities such as fishing trips, and formally manifested itself in the martial art of anbo-jyutsu as way to work out their problems. The two began a tentative rapprochement in 2365 during a surprise encounter, where Riker discovered his father had nearly died in a Tholian attack in 2253.

Enterprise Second Officer Data once estimated that Riker uses traditional tactics only 21% of the time. Riker's knack for improvisation runs throughout his hobbies and interests as well. A master poker player and bluffer, he had learned the game during his brief stint on the U.S.S. Potemkin; his reputation won him the role as replacement Federation negotiator during the short-lived Barzan wormhole talks. He has also visited Quark's bar and casino on DS9, where in its first year of operation under Starfleet-Bajoran administration he was the only person to win a triple-down dabo.

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As I already promised,today I bring you Picard's No.1,also known as Will Riker Although not one of my favorite characters,as years passed he did grow on me. And while I don't find the real Riker that hot (he's not really my type),this Sim of him turned out to be pretty handsome. At first,I wanted to make beardless version of Riker,but as he had the beard for most of the show's run,I decided to make him hairy after all

Unless you already married your self Sim to Deanna,or want to marry your self Sim to Riker,I suggest you make them a couple,they're really fun to play with

Wonderful uniform is by Nixnivis,get it here. Rank pips also by NixNivis,find them here. Awesome hair is by Nouk,not included,download it here.

Thank you all,love

Custom Content by Me:
- William T. Riker

Custom Content Included:
- helaene - subtle brows - 7 by Helaene
- Not So Soft ~ eyes by crayonsun by crayonsun
- realfullb-colors by necrodog
- EyeBags ~ Mermaid Cove by Merco
- [email protected] by Barcelonista
- {Light} [email protected] by Ren
- {Pale} [email protected] by Louis at Sim Cribbling
- Ephemera_SimpleSkin[SoftEdition]04 by teru_k

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Thank you all creators,especially NixNivis for keeping our Starfleet Sims dressed !

Thank you MTS2 for being the greatest!

And thank you all who love and comment my Sims,love ya all