Alien Visitor Career

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Uploaded 17th Jul 2008 at 8:14 AM · Updated 20th Jul 2008 at 8:07 PM by kharynj : Corrected Level 10 pay

This is a career for the peaceful visitor to SimEarth

I wanted a career that made sense for my alien sims. This is my first career (so be gentle), and I like the way it worked out. It is EP compatible. I tested it with all EPs through FreeTime, but if you have another combination of EPs and have a problem please let me know. Right now it is for Adults only. After my brain stops hurting I want to do a teen/elder version too.

7/20/07- Update
I discovered a little problem- The career icon wasn't quite big enough so it showed a thin white line under it in the "select a major screen". It irked me, so I fixed it. This is only a problem for the University EP.

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There are actually two aspects to the career-
The job titles indicate that you are "exploring the planet," but within each job level you perform an actual job as indicated in the description. I tried to make the skills required for promotion commensurate with job performed in the description.

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The levels are as follows (same for male and female):

Level 1: New Arrival
Mon-Sun §60
You have just arrived on Earth. Your only job is to observe the humans and learn how to blend in with them. You must be careful not to let anyone know you aren't from this planet. When they ask where you are from just smile and say "uptown."

Level 2: Tired & Weary
Mon-Sat §200
All of that work you put into observing the humans has paid off! Your friend has a friend who offers you a job in her shop. You will have even more opportunities to interact with the earthlings and you will be able to earn some real money.

Level 3: Huddled Mass
Mon-Fri §275
You have finally acclimated to daily life on Earth. You are gaining confidence and people are taking notice. A friend of your current employer spots your mechanical aptitude and offers you a position on his custodial staff at the Middle School. You will get to observe the human socialization process, but be careful not to blow your cover- kids are nosy.

Level 4: Middle Class Maven
Mon-Fri §350
Befriending these humans is starting to pay off! Another friend has a friend who gets you a job working at his I T firm. They are willing to train you and you are happy to learn about human technology.

Level 5: John/Jane Q Publick
Mon-Fri §575
Working for private companies was good experience, but you are curious about the social structure of this planet. You see an advertisement for job openings with the Sim City government and schedule an appointment to take the test. Fortunately, you pass and are hired on the spot. It is dull work but it pays well. Welcome to civil service...

Level 6: Assimilated Individual
Mon-Fri §690
A government official was impressed with your work and offers you a position assisting his campaign. You get shorter hours but you feel like you are doing more work. You are happy because you get to uncover more about Earth's infrastructure, but you have to be extra careful now- Sims in Black are known to hang around the office.

Level 7: Dichotomized Diplomat
Mon,Tue,Thur,Fri §870
You have officially been accepted into the world of Earth politics. Your help was instrumental in getting the new Mayor elected and she decides to reward you with a cushy new job- you are now an Ombudsman. You told the Mayor that you don't know what you are supposed to do in this position, but she didn't seem to care. Just smile when people talk to you and you should be fine.

Level 8: Intergalactic Ambassador
Mon,Tue,Thur,Fri §1000
Finally, you have been able to contact your home world. The Emperor is pleased that you have embedded yourself into human society. Your orders are to maintain you current position and relay any findings to home world. Your Earth job doesn't change, but you start to get supplies from back home.

Level 9: Vested Visitor
Mon-Fri §1550
You have been working diligently gathering intel for your home world. Your superiors here have noticed the extra work and promote you to another novelty job. Congratulations- you are now a Special Advisor to the Mayor.

Level 10: Model Citizen
Mon-Thur §2100
Eureka!! You have "made it," Every Earthling should strive to follow your example. $Me is the epitome of humanity!

This Career is cloned from the Politics Career Track and uses its default vehicles, it will not overwrite the original career.
Sims got to work in every day outfits.
Chance cards have been completed for all 10 levels.

BTW- The career functions more like a mission. The first level pay is ridiculously low because at that point the sim doesn't have a "job" yet. In keeping with the theme I also made it so you never get fired from the job, but you can be severely demoted.

I hope you enjoy it!

Additional Credits:
Thanks to the creators of SimPE from whom all blessings flow.
Shout outs to SuperFly, Emma_Barrett, and Psion for the tutorials that helped me put it all together. Big ups to the good people of Webweaver (at for the picture that became the Career Icon, and to whiterider for the tutorial on how to turn that picture into an icon.

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