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The Community Garden

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Picked Upload!   This is a picked upload! It showcases some of the best talent and creativity available on MTS and in the community.
Uploaded: 13th Oct 2008 at 1:39 AM
A little slice of beauty and tranquility amid the grime and hustle of downtown..."

Are your apartment dwelling sims dying of scurvy, with no room for a garden and no access to fresh fruits and veggies? Would your lazy sims rather stand there waving their arms and shouting at you than do a few minutes of gardening?

Not to worry! Just have them hop right into their Hummer and spin down to the community garden, where they can take a break from the dust and stress of downtown and harvest all the fresh produce they can eat.

The best part is that as long as the lot is not owned by one of your sims, it will always revert back to the way it was saved... so, your sims can go there and harvest produce, then when they go back next time or when a different sim goes there, all the plants will be back and ready to harvest again. All types of fruits and veggies are available to harvest, and all the plants are in thriving condition.

If you consider this cheating and don't want your sims to get free fruits and veggies, they can still visit and enjoy the lot - just don't tell them to harvest anything. Sims seem to like just hanging out in the garden, so it's usually a pretty happening place in my game.

Rambling about compatibility: There is stuff from Seasons and Bon Voyage in this lot, but nothing from any other expansions. I left all the EPs checked as required, because they were all installed when I built the lot. My understanding is that you may or may not be able to play the lot if you don't have all the EPs, but you will need at least Seasons, Bon Voyage, and Nightlife. You don't need any stuff packs.

Lot Size: 1x2
Lot Price: 17,309

Custom Content Included:
- "Eponymous Garden" Potato by Kate @ www.Parsimonious.org
- Fugly Fern by buggybooz
- BB_FuglyFernRC13 by buggybooz
- BB_FuglyFernRC7 by buggybooz
- BB_FuglyFernRC9 by buggybooz
- Holy Hosta! by buggybooz
- BB_HolyHostaRC1 by buggybooz
- toadstool recolour by Lethe_s
- Autumn special Little Amanita by Lethe_s
- toadstool recolour by Lethe_s
- "Eponymous Garden" Corn by Kate @ www.Parsimonious.org
- "Eponymous Garden"Flax by Kate @ www.Parsimonious.org
- "Eponymous Garden" Flax recolour by Kate @ www.Parsimonious.org
- "Eponymous Garden" Flax recolour by Kate @ www.Parsimonious.org
- "Eponymous Garden" Lavender by Kate @ www.Parsimonious.org
- "Eponymous Garden" Milk Thistle by Kate @ www.Parsimonious.org
- "Eponymous Garden" St Johns Wort by Kate @ www.Parsimonious.org
- "Eponymous Garden" Redwort recolour by Kate @ www.Parsimonious.org
- Lethe's grass dark by Lethe_s
- Lethe's grass thin by Lethe_s
- Lethe's grass thindry by Lethe_s
- Clump of grass by Lethe_s
- Clump of short grass by Lethe_s
- N65_Flowering vine 2 by nengi65
- Rowan by Numenor
- MescalitoZypresse by blackypanther.de
- Modern Wood Fencing Light by Manga_Moon
- Autumn special Little Cup Toadstool by Lethe_s
- "Eponymous Garden" Lady's Mantle by Kate @ www.Parsimonious.org
- Small Shrubby Shrub by HystericalParoxysm
- "Eponymous Garden" Monkshood by Kate @ www.Parsimonious.org
- "Eponymous Garden" Motherwort by Kate @ www.Parsimonious.org
- Autumn special Mushroom by Lethe_s
- "Eponymous Garden" Mandrake by Kate @ www.Parsimonious.org
- "Eponymous Garden" Radish by Kate @ www.Parsimonious.org
- Autumn special Big Amanita by Lethe_s
- Autumn special Big Cup Toadstool by Lethe_s
- "Eponymous Garden" Flax by Kate @ www.Parsimonious.org
- toadstool recolour by Lethe_s
- toadstool recolour by Lethe_s

Additional Credits:
There's a fair amount of CC in this lot, but this stuff is all so nice you won't regret having it in your game. My heartfelt thanks go out to all these creators who are so generous with their beautiful stuff!

A particular thanks to MaryLou for her fantastic mini lot templates found here: Lots of Lots - Mini Community Lots (You don't have to download them for this lot to work, but you should download them anyway cause they are "lots" of fun :P)

Pictured But Not Included:
bibidoublezero's Recoloration of the Maxi's Ladybug loft in woods is shown in the pictures above, but didn't want to package with the rest of the lot, so follow the link to download it and thank you to the creator!