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Albany, New York TAA07

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Uploaded: 25th Mar 2009 at 6:49 AM
Updated: 1st Apr 2009 at 5:47 AM
Tour Across America

Albany, New York's historic Capital City on the banks of the mighty Hudson River, with an enriched historical heritage which enticed visitors for more then 400 years, now hosts a lot fastened to tremendous grounds decked with beautiful green life, and outdoor necessities such as a Pool, Spa, elevated patio, and grill, that would provide sort of a 'Calgon' safe haven away from the bustle of the busy big city. The front grounds provides superb curb appeal to the house found beyond the winding road. The Landscaping seen throughout the lot reflects the traditionally cultivated lawns of the many homes found throughout Albany's seclusive neighborhoods. The grass is cut to a medium rise, the shrubs and low rise trees populates the core found within the common horshoe road framed with headges leading you to and from the front stoop of the home.

As we now approach the entry to the rear of the lot along the right of the house we've noticed the plant box elaborating the aspects of the lower level windows found upon the far right of the house. Passing through the high leveled fence ones eyes start to wander around the back yard of the home, where the entire grounds appear to be decked in a brick patio creating a small plaza. One will notice that there are 3 entries into the house from the back yard, leading to the dinning room along the far left, another leads to the kitchen along the rear center of the lot and the final entry will take you into the masters suite found on the right wing of the ground floor. Winding past the full size pool area, raised patio, and grill, we now reconnect with the horseshoe path from the right of the home coming from the back yard.

We now enter the home from the front stoop of the house. As we enter we step directly into the living area of the house, were welcomed with warm colors, and wooden floors partitioned by carpeted area rugs separating certain parts of room. We then exit the living room to the far left where we find our self in the main dinning area, which also includes a half office area positioned towards the front part of the dinning room, we then spill into the kitchen coming from the dinning room, where the cabinetries are centered within an island found within the kitchen, these cabinets surround a stove, and the center island is surrounding by the refrigerator and cabinetry found along the walls of the kitchen. We then exit the kitchen back into the living room, heading left pass the piano area we then find the masters suite of the house. We then head up stairs to the second level of the house where we find bedroom 1-3 and another bathroom apart from the one attached to the masters suite found on the first floor. A home of historical heritage found within the midst of Albany New York has been presented to you via another Tour Across America, and when we return we will venture down south to "The Sunshine State", were we will browse a residential lot found within the city of Orlando Florida.

You are now leaving the Empire State.

Description of the Property Follows:

1) Bedrooms {4}

2) Bathrooms {2}

3) Expansion pack(s) needed {No}

4) Modified Creations Included {No}

5) Floor(s) {2}

6) Alarms Included [F = Fire, B = Burglar] {F|B}

7) Lodging Capacity {6+}

8) Pool {Yes}

9) Spa {Yes}

10) Phone {Yes}

11) Computer {Yes}

(FULLY FURNISHED Just Download, Introduce your Sims and enjoy.)
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Lot Size: 3x5
Lot Price: $287,671
Lot Price Unfurnished: ยง96,989