Marjoram pattern, with and without adjustable dirt!

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Uploaded: 13th Jun 2009 at 11:56 AM
I've noticed lots of very large patterns being uploaded, so I thought I'd make a small one suitable for clothing and more subtle wallpaper and upholstery designs. This one comes in clean and dirty versions; the latter uses the same "adustable dirt" as my stripes (here: ).

You can get a stripe effect by making one of the two foreground colors the same as the background, as on the wallpaper in these screens.

Clean version:

Dirty version: (The dirt's in a separate layer, which can be a light color for a faded effect or a dark color for a dirty effect, subtle or dramatic as you please. The clean and dirty versions are separate patterns; install whichever you like.)

Both are in the Fabric category. The clean version has three colors; the dirty version has four, including the dirt layer. Enjoy!

Additional Credits:
Delphy, Hysterical Paroxysm, and the other smart people who contributed to developing the method The marjoram design is a stock pattern brush in Adobe Illustrator.