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No Shoo Mod + IndieStone-Friendly Version!

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Uploaded: 12th Jul 2009 at 11:24 PM
Updated: 16th Jul 2009 at 11:30 PM by Srikandi

I've been annoyed by Sims not using the same bathroom and shooing each other, so I finally learned how to core mod very basic stuff, thanks to lemmy101 who talked me through it, and told me exactly what to do. Really, he's the creator of this mod, so I can't take full credit to any extent.

Basicly the mod just allows any two sims to be in the same bathroom, at the same time, doing whatever. It ignores the privacy rules entirely.

Also, to bypass the highlander rule, I've included a version that has the No Shoo logic packaged in with the latest version of the Indie Stone Mod, because I personally can't live without it! Lemmy & Binky are the creators of the Indie Stone Mod, so I wouldn't dare take any credit for that either! And yes, Lemmy said it was cool if I uploaded this version (with his mod). If you need support for the Indie Stone mod, you'll need to go to this forum thread: Indie Stone Mod

The installation is pretty simple, if you don't have any other core mods (Indie Stone or Awesome Mod, to name a few) and you don't want any, then just download the BASEGAME version and put it in your Mods directory. If you have Indie Stone Mod, or want it, download that version, and BE SURE TO REMOVE ANY PREVIOUS VERSIONS OF INDIE STONE MOD THAT YOU HAVE IN YOUR MODS DIRECTORY! I changed the package name, so it won't just replace it when you put it in. Also, this mod requires the Sims 3 patch.

If you want to use this with awesome mod, you'll have to make the mod yourself, and it could prove to be a little labor-intensive, but there is a tutorial that will show you exactly what to do (including the exact code for the No Shoo logic) here.

Also, if your game freezes on loading, you're missing a DLL. You can get it here: Framework

Thanks, and enjoy!

Additional Credits:
Lemmy and Binky