Castaway Sims - Lowered Dining Set - Basegame Recolours

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Uploaded: 18th Jul 2009 at 12:47 PM
Updated: 1st Jan 2021 at 7:22 PM - mirror link for meshes
I offer you another set of recolours driven by the needs of my islander sims.

This set comprises low rattan tables with floor pillows to sit on, fit for a chieftain's hall or lazy days at the beach house...

The tables come in five rattan variations, complementing the Seasons Tiki counters (and my minifrdge set). The wicker colours are dark, yellow, white, green and 'native'. Each table has eight different cloths to help with decor issues. In all, that's forty table recolours! Here are the variations:

There are also eighteen different cushions to sit on. You can mix and match them to your hearts' content. They come in batik, tiki-match, furry and miscellaneous styles.
Some are quite grand, while others will fit right in with your slum dwellers. (Especially if they are island slums.) All the files are descriptively labelled, so you can get rid of any you don't want.

Both table and cushion meshes were made and shared by Simcredible. You need to get the meshes from them direct. (See link below)

Simcredible meshes are listed as basegame.
Obviously, the table and chair meshes have been lowered. The animations on the chairs can look a bit odd as sims get up and down, and their legs sink into the floor while they are sitting - looks very amusing if you put them on a column deck! On solid ground, though, it gives a good approximation of kneeling, depending on your viewing angle and the clothing the sim wears.

I am not a mesher, far less an animator, so I cannot correct the animations. Sorry. I just made the colours.

The three fur cushions use textures from a furry bedding set by Piggi, who kindly gave permission to share them in this way. All the other textures are free ones found on the internet.

Full credit goes to Simcredible for making such a clever dining alternative. I have only seen two other lowered dining sets - one is pay at TSR, the other is by Simcredible again, but a less suitable style for this project.

Happy simming!

Additional Credits:
Thanks to both SIMcredible and Piggi for allowing their work to be used and shared.

The mesh files are now attached to this post, since so many sites are vanishing.

Mirror download for meshes:

Fur Fabric Bedding Set