**Outdated**: 7 new Recolours of the "Freedom Fence" (with matching "Freedom Gates" included)

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Uploaded: 9th Sep 2009 at 5:14 PM
Updated: 1st Mar 2012 at 7:51 AM - Outdated - Original Files are now recolourable in Game
*Edit (2012-03-01): Both the Freedom Fence and the Freedom Gates are now CASTable in Game, therefore you do no longer need to download these recolours. If you have built a lot with these files included you may still download and use them for your game, they still work fine (playtested with game patched to

*Edit (2010-04-24): All files were checked with the newest update version ( - they still work fine in game and can be used both with the base game and also with the latest expansion pack "Luxury Accessoires", however, no expansion pack is required for these files

Maxis gave us four different colours of a designable version of the "Freedom Fence" and the "Freedom Gate": white, light brown, medium brown and dark brown. Good colours, actually, but not enough for my taste - what about black or other colours? Even a wooden fence can be black or have a fancy colour. It seems that Maxis' people live in places just with white or brown fences...nevertheless this upload (first uploaded in September 2009 and therefore not modifiable by the design tool in game) still exists.

The blue, black, green, red and yellow recolours have the same wooden structure as the original freedom fence and freedom gate. The grey recolour has a completely different pattern and looks more used and old. The bamboo recolour is - of course - even more different from the other colours and has no wooden structure at all. Please look at the pictures for a detailed close-up on the patterns.

You'll find all new recolours in build mode - the freedom fences show up in the fence category with their own thumbnail pictures and cost 25 $ each. The freedom gates (the single as well as the double gates) can be found in the gates category and they also show up with their own thumbnail pictures - the price for a single freedom gate is 95 $ and for a double freedom gate 155 $. None of the recolour packages replace any original fences and/or gates in game!

Please note that these new colours won't automatically be included in your packaged lot if you export it from your game. The new fence and gate colour packages need to be installed for showing up with your lot in game.

Enjoy your new coloured garden fences and gates!

Additional Credits:
Peter and Inge Jones for their great talent and for S3PE and for the incredibly awesome Object Cloner S3OC Xanathon for writing the Tutorial: Clone A Painting and change the Texture [...]
All MTS Creators who continously create amazing new stuff for the Sims and share their work and their knowledge with all others. Big thanks to all of you. Your efforts are highly appreciated!