2 hidden fences for the fence category - "Good Fence" & "Kosie Interior Fencing"

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Uploaded: 1st Oct 2009 at 8:26 PM
Updated: 1st Mar 2012 at 11:09 AM - checked all files for compatibility with game version
*Edit (2012-03-01): All Files are still working fine in game - tested with game version - please choose the CASTable files for download.

*Edit (2010-04-29): All files were checked with the newest update version ( - they still work fine in game and can also be used with the latest expansion pack "Luxury Accessoires".

*Edit (2010-04-25): I made new clones of the ORIGINAL files for both fences. The patterns for the new clones had been changed by EA, however, they can be modified now with the create-a-style tool. Please see detailed pictures of the new "Good Fence" and "Kosie Interior Fencing" below (the overview picture shows only the old versions).


I found them more or less accidentally. It was when I wanted to create another set of linked stair recolours that I couldn't find a perfect match in the fence category. To make the stairs work well with auto-railing funktion enabled you need to link them not only with a matching railing but also with the fence (it's needed for the corners).

Now, I made two of those hidden fences available in the fence category and also added a few recolours which I think are important.

I cloned the original "Good Fence" and the original "Kosie Interior Fencing" so that the orignal file won't be replaced. If Maxis should ever provide an update or anything that makes those fences available in the fence category you'll only need to delete my clone of the original colour but still can keep the recolours.

The "Good Fence"
... is used for the corners of the "Stage Five Staircase" and looks exactly like the "Stage Five Railing". In the fence category there's only the "Static Fence" that looks a bit like that (see picture above) and it goes well with the stairs, however, compared with the "Good Fence" you'll notice a few details missing in the "Static Fence".
Recolours as uploaded in October 2009: original colour, black wood, white wood, mahogany.
Updated Original, April 2010: see picture below.

The "Kosie Interior Fencing"
... is used for the corners of the "Living Stair". There's a "Buena Cerca" fence that goes well with the stairs and also with the "Living Railing", however, if you want the fence look like the railing of the "Living Stair" you'll need to have the "Kosie Interior Fencing" which is currently not available in the fence category.
Recolours as uploaded in October 2009: original colour, black wood, mahogany, dark wood, redwood, white.
Updated Original, April 2010: see picture below.

I did not change the names or descriptions of the fences, I just added the colour name. The price is 20 $imoleons for the "Good Fence" and 30 $imoleons for the "Kosie Interior Fencing" - after having installed the packages you'll find them in build mode > fence category.

Please note that these new colours won't automatically be included in your packaged lot if you export it from your game. The new recolour packages need to be installed for showing up with your lot in game.

Enjoy the new fences and the recolours!

Additional Credits:
Peter and Inge Jones for two great tools - S3PE and S3OC
Xanathon for the Tutorial: Clone A Painting and change the Texture [...]