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Star Trek XI Starfleet Uniform Tops

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Uploaded: 17th Nov 2009 at 6:02 PM
Updated: 3rd Dec 2009 at 6:33 PM - Color reorganizing...final time!

This is my first upload ever Sims-wise. I really wanted to do a Star Trek reboot themed Sims 3, so I began to read the amazing tutorials on this site and went with creating clothes for my Star Trek sims.

Criticisms and helpful tips are very welcomed. Just be gentle!

Anywho, allow me to introduce you the tops I made reminiscent of the new Star Trek movie.

There are three types of tops for your needs:
-Standard Male top (Young Adult to Elder/Male/Everyday category)
-Standard Female top (Young Adult to Elder/Female/Everyday category)
-Alternative Female top (Young Adult to Elder/Female/Everyday category)
((This is reflected on Nyota Uhura's uniform in the movie...the infamous short-sleeved skirt.))

All three sets have respected insignias (Command, Operation, Science) along with a full diverse set of ranks for all three (Ensign, Lieutenant, Lieutenant Commander, Commander and Captain).

Want a red-shirted Captain? You got it!
How 'bout a gold-shirted Lieutenant? There you go!
A blue-shirted Ensign? Yep, have it too.

There are 15 types available in each set (3 insignias x 5 ranks). And that's a pretty penny of MB, especially if you download all three sets. Just to let you know.

All three sets have three recolors:
-Full shirt/skirt
-Insignia and Rank

These are TOPS only! You may have to lurk for bottom pants and such.

Notable Glitches:
-The first three thumbnails in the alternative female top for some reason look like regular tops in CAS. These are the Ensign-ranked tops. The rest of ranks have their respective thumbnails. They still appear if you click on them, so it's no problem.
-Because the alternative female top is a new mesh that is extruded lower to appear more like a skirt, the pants or shorts SOMETIMES tend to overlap a bit in game because of it. If that bothers you, you may get rid of this set if you wish.

Any problems, please let me know. It works fine for me, but I'll be more than happy to look into it if you have visible problems.

Additional Credits:
Thanks to ModtheSims and the creators of the clothing tutorials!
Men's Messy Combed-Back Hair - Teen to Elder by EsmeraldaF
Female Hair by Peggy (free)
Female pants- Rose Sims (free)
The rest is all Maxis.