*UPDATE* No Food Burning with high Cooking Skill

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Uploaded 20th Jan 2010 at 1:39 AM · Updated 21st Jan 2010 at 9:40 PM by danielfidalgo : changing some errors

Hi. This is my very first upload.

This mod will make burning food less common in the game, in fact it will never happen in the game if your sims have high cooking skill. It will override a BCON "SG - Tuning" in Food Globals, it will affect all foods either custom or EAaxis. Let me explain.


Probability % of Burning Food (High Cooking Skill 8 or more points) - 5%

Probability % of Burning Food (Med Cooking Skill 4 to 7 points) - 10%

Probability % of Burning Food (Low 0 to 4 points) - 30%


High - 0%

Med - 5%

Low - 10%

Note that this will not stop food from burning if your sims leave the food unattended. (useful for non-accidental fires) Only when cooking.


This Behavior Constant hasn't been changed since Open For Business which means if you have Open For Business or above it, this mod will work correctly.


Changed a Constant because there was a situation where your sims could still burn resulting in fires " Fail Probability - % Fire (20%), so if your sims had their cooking skill in max they would had 0% of burning food without a fire and 20% with it, now it is 0%. Again this will not stop burning food if you leave it unattended.