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Star Trek Jacket - STO

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Uploaded: 2nd Jul 2010 at 3:00 AM
Updated: 10th Jul 2010 at 8:03 AM
Hello fellow Trekkies!

Here is my first rendition of one of the jackets from Star Trek Online. The game inspired me to create such a jacket for The Sims 3, so I decided to go all out and re-design the Mesh and the Textures. Everything was hand-drawn to replicate as close as possible for realism.

The Jacket is available for:

Teens (to be revised soon with a new mesh)
Young Adult
Elder (to be revised soon with a new mesh)



Polygon Counts:
HQ - 2047 vertices, 9570 faces.
MQ - 1230 vertices, 4722 faces.
LQ - 777 vertices, 2313 faces.

Re-colourable channels: 4
1) Top Padding
2) Main Jacket Color
3) Collar and Padding Trim
4) Badge and Rank

Additional Credits:
Thanks for the inspiration from Cryptic Studios, Inc., Atari - Star Trek Online.