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More Glossy Lip! - glossy lipstick N.2 by yk1980

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Uploaded: 17th Aug 2010 at 3:09 AM
Hello simmers,

today i want to share my second lipstick with you. last time i made a "glossy lipstick", and this time i made "more glossy" one!

as usual i chose rather natural/skin colour for base. i just cannot stop loving it

like i did for my first lipstick, i put the other 3 variations. you can see how the lipstick comes out

i upload some images for all these colours. yep, i did that last time too

you can find this lipstick in create-a-sim > looks > makeup > lipstick. it's for teen to elder, only female.

i hope you and your sims will like my creation!

Additional Credits: CTU and also daluved1 for her tutorial