BIG TELESCOPES: Victor's Summer Sale Volume II

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Victor has a new batch of telescope recolors today, the big one this time.

3 full, high-quality recolors of the big Maxis telescope ("Farstar e3"):
- All wood
- Wood with Verditer (blue accents)
- Wood with Malachite (green accents)

The ones with wood parts are Maxis-match, you can use them around alot of Maxis wooden stuff.

"Why buy the ordinary Maxis ones," Victor asks. "Get mine instead, at the same price! You don't need to go get any mesh of any sort, it's magic like that, don't worry about my profit. Have a nice object at home. You deserve the best! You deserve Victor's recolors."

"I tell you, these telescopes are way better! They are *fully* (not just partially!) recolored, wonderful in your medieval and otherwise ancient neighborhoods! And look attentively, I added two amazing new ones, with real Malachite and Verditer on them!"

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Hobbies > Knowledge > The big telescope ("Farstar e3") §2,100
"Back in the days of Newton, these telescopes, weren't cheap at all. I bet you never realized, but even people as rich as me couldn't easily get one.", Victor says.

You heard that before? Well he's getting old, he repeats himself sometimes.

Check the Picture Bin below for details on the textures.

Hope you like. Enjoy! :D
Billie XOXO

Additional Credits:
Thanks to Numenor for his wonderful tutorial on object recolors. It's awesome.