Persian rugs V2

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I'm bringing you another set of persian rugs as I noticed that there has been a nice amount of downloads on the other thread. This time I've added seven different ones from Iran, Pakistan and Turkey.

(All based on the rug from Nightlife called "Sun-Gyu oriental carpet" which costs 800 § )

The Afshar and Sharbabak rugs are town carpets from Iran, based on patterns from old tribes (like animals and life trees). Usually not the most expensive and tightest carpets, but you are able to find loads of beautiful ones.

Isfahan and Abadeh rugs are expensive and tight knitted rugs from Iran. While Abadeh has a traditional Kashgai medallion in the corners, Isfahan are made with floral and garden motives. Isfahan is maybe the most beautiful rug you can find.

Bukhara rugs are made in Pakistan, but the pattern comes from Turkmenistan and are also often used on rugs from Afghanistan. The textile is soft wool that's made to look shimmering.

Turkish rug. Rich in pattern. While Persian rugs are looked on as the best rugs, there's been made some nice stuff in Turkey aswell.