EarthSheltered Home: 3B/2.5B/Carport and Pool - built into a hillside/sloped lot

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Uploaded: 30th Jun 2011 at 1:54 PM
Updated: 9th Sep 2021 at 2:46 PM
2021 UPDATE: I removed almost all of the CC, and it is repackaged from my current UC game.
The only CC still included is:
- TBudgett's Retaining Wall mesh and pertinent recolors
- Frillen's Glass Block floor - which apparently has been removed from MTS?
- Numenor's Deck Stairs
- Reyn's DeckStairs_OpenUnderneath - these do need a script file so follow the link and make sure you install them properly!

--- You may need to have Numenor's Unlevel Wall - #90 - I use this wall all the time as it is such a forgiving wall to build with
Click the info button below to see how I suggest installing this wall
NOTE: If you decide NOT to use Numenor's Wall #90, there may be missing wall sections or pieces of the WroughtIron fence in place of walls.

And (not included) I suggest you use:
- Sophie-David's Invisible Driveway so the driveway pavers look right
- and Perfect Plants - Perfect Gardens so the retaining wall roses are happy.

I am leaving the older files up - if you really want all that CC ...and the original description follows:

"Livability is outstanding in this earth-sheltered design..."

This house is NOT built on a level lot - it is meant to go on a sloped lot - one that rises up the hill in back on the right (as your facing the house, from the street view.) It was built on and for the lot shown in the Neighborhood View picture below (N001/Pleasantville.) This house has been play-tested. I have plunked this house down in several different sloped lots around Pleasantville - It always loads and plays just fine. But, please back up your neighborhood before installing anything. Sometimes sloped lots can mess up your neighborhood. I built this house with the aide of Numenor's AGS; originally, this was to be BaseGame only, then I decided I wanted a garage and retaining walls (Thank you, tbudgett!!!) So, I'm also providing a NL version. The only difference between the two is the addition of a carport and said retaining walls - which also necessitated changing the glass fence to a wrought iron one, and adding more plants. The Sims2Pack download files have been thoroughly cleaned with the Clean Installer.

  • Lot size: 30X40 (3X4) - HILLSIDE/sloped lots ONLY.
  • Around 2,955 sq ft covered living space - 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath, great room, formal dining, library, skylit atrium, several porches, large kitchen, carport, swimming pool.
  • Around $74,614 (NL version: $84,110) simoleons - I say "around" because I have extensively re-organized my build/buy catalogues and, in doing so, re-priced most everything. I don't know if this will effect the cost in your game or not. If it does, maybe your Sims qualify for a huge tax break? Inheritance? Or, it's their turn to win the lottery?
  • Furnished - All the appliances, fixtures, and furniture your sims need to be perfectly happy!
  • Wired for cable/TV
  • Alarm systems included (for both fire and burglar)
  • Need a pizza to feed the moving crew? The phone is installed and ready
  • The Master Suite, which is upstairs, features a private rooftop area with a hot tub.
  • A soft natural color scheme with personalized color-themed bedrooms
  • Kid's have their own completely private porch/game-room
  • A quiet reading nook and library is located next to the kids bedrooms
  • The main porch has both a sitting/living-room area and a dining/grilling area
  • The modern fireplace balances the traditional mahogany formal dining set - seating for 10 hungry sims
  • Sunken skylit atrium with hanging plants and comfortable couches
  • Quality Maxis doors and windows
  • Mature Trees: including birch, bay, and midbiscus
  • And a very private swimming pool to relax in when the weather is too hot.
The Night Life version adds:
  • An advanced retaining wall system for that finishing touch
  • Lots of beautiful roses high atop the retaining walls (Might I suggest a gardening hack? Like TJ's Perfect Plants & Gardens)
  • Outdoor UVfiltered-Glass Canopy shelters the main porch living area (Note: Sims should still, always use sunscreen!)

The only things that are required, but NOT in the Sims2pack are:
For both BG & NL - Invisiblesmokealarm by Pfish @ MTS2
And, for NL only - invisible_sddrivewaynightlife by Sophie-David @ MTS2

Thank you to all the creators and recolorers of the beautiful stuff I used in this house. You make my game so pretty! I also want to give a special "Thank You" to Mootilda, she fixed my AGS so I could add the NL version to this lot, it wouldn't be available if she hadn't stepped in. YAY, Mootilda!

Lot Size: 3x4
Lot Price: BG - $74,614; NL - $84,110

Custom Content Included:
- Manor House Paree Dining Table by Fisheyes @ MTS2
- generickwayofwoodfire by angieb @ MTS2
- generickwayofwoodfire by angieb @ MTS2
- blackdishwasher by amariswiccan @ MTS2
- blacktrascompactor by amariswiccan @ MTS2
- ChimneyRC by Kimsie @ MTS2
- basegame_valuejustadoors by CrabOfDoom @ deamwidth
- Value-Cabinet by CTNutmegger @ MTS2
- Double Colonial Door Straight by Leesestor @ MTS2
- CaressofTeakDBL-BASEMESH by Huge Lunatic @ MTS2
- CaressofTeakWhiteRec by Huge Lunatic @ MTS2
- Matte&Glass_1tile by Huge Lunatic @ MTS2
- Cement flooring to match Maxis's stucco walls.Made by iCad at MTS. by iCad @ MTS2
- Cement flooring to match Maxis's stucco walls.Made by iCad at MTS. by iCad @ MTS2
- Cement flooring to match Maxis's stucco walls.Made by iCad at MTS. by iCad @ MTS2
- Concrete flooring to match Maxis's stucco walls.Made by iCad at MTS. by iCad @ MTS2
- Recolors of Maxis's "Slimming Oak Parquet." Made by iCad at MTS. by iCad @ MTS2
- InvisibleBurglarAlarm by pfish @ MTS2
- Krampft_Counter_SSN_Pine by Huge Lunatic @ MTS2
- Krampft_Counter_SSN_Sand. by Huge Lunatic @ MTS2
- chairdiningmoderniste by Merco @ MermaidCove
- phone_chrome by Merco @ MermaidCove
- door_sliding1 by Merco @ MermaidCove
- A blue-tinted transparent tile, Simified by RGiles of MTS2 by niol @ MTS2
- Bookcase-BiblioFile_dkgrey by PlasticBox @ MTS2
- Books-BiblioFile_01 by PlasticBox @ MTS2
- Books-BiblioFile_02 by PlasticBox @ MTS2
- Books-BiblioFile_03 by PlasticBox @ MTS2
- Books-BiblioFile_04 by PlasticBox @ MTS2
- pianoschwbunt by Mammut @ Blacky
- set18wachowtdoorglass03 by sam @ SimpeopleAndMe
- set18wachowtdoorglass04 by sam @ SimpeopleAndMe
- brandmicrowaveblack by simcrow
- Edge Smoother By Ailias WhiteThe Sims 2 - Needs Translation - Batch15 by Ailias @ MTS2
- Modern Glass Fence (Low)The Sims2EP3 - Batch 1 by Ailias @ MTS2
- ChimneyRC by Kimsie @ MTS2
- basegame_valuejustadoors_pookleted_incendiary by CrabOfDoom @ deamwidth
- WhiteGClock by LLA of EliteSimBuilders @ MTS2
- RetainingWall_Fence_WroughtIron-Black-Recol by tbudgett at MTS2
- RetainingWall_Mesh by tbudgett @ MTS2
- RetainingWall_MeshCorner by tbudgett @ MTS2
- RetainingWall_Top-Mesh by tbudgett @ MTS2
- RetainingWall_TopCorner-Mesh by tbudgett @ MTS2
- RetainingWall_Top_NearDirt 2000-Recol by tbudgett at MTS2
- RetainingWall_Wall_Fawn Stucco enh-Recol by tbudgett at MTS2