Aging Manager

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Uploaded: 9th Jul 2011 at 11:50 AM
Updated: 11th Jan 2015 at 5:57 PM
2014-03-15 - Compatible with game version 1.67. No changes.

Supported for game version 1.67. Should work with game versions from 1.31 upwards, though.

This mod is a rewrite of the second mod I wrote for TS3. I wrote it in 2009 and back then I was new to C#, OOP and the TS3 code base. Thus the code and the whole usability was, er, 'improvable'. After the Generations patch broke it, I decided that it wasn't worth to be salvaged and began rewriting it from scratch. So here it is, completely new and better than ever.

This mod will add a 2BTech/Aging Manager menu to all sims, mailboxes and the city hall. In there you'll find for example interactions to disable/enable sims' aging, reset sims' aging state, show info about sims' age and age sims down to a different aging state.

Heads up: The menu will only be available if the testing cheats are enabled. You don't need to shift-click or anything. These are regular interactions, but they're hidden if the testing cheats aren't enabled. This is deliberate so they don't disturb regular gameplay.

sim interactions
Show Age InfoShows information of the target sim's age in days/years in the current stage and in total.
Reset Aging StateResets the age of the target sim to zero in the current stage.
Set Aging DaysLets you set the target sim's age in the current stage in days.
Suspend/Resume AgingLets you disable and (re-)enable the target sim's aging. Warning: This setting will persist even if you remove the mod.
Age DownLets you age a sim down. Only available for Adults and Elders. Advice: Keep the target sim focussed until the process is complete to make sure they are running in full simulation. Otherwise the process might not properly complete.

mailbox/cityhall interactions
Show Age Info OfSame as the sim interaction but for a selection of sims.
Reset Aging Stage OfSame as the sim interaction but for a selection of sims.
Suspend/Resume Aging OfSame as the sim interaction but for a selection of sims.
Set Global AgingChoose the style of aging. EAxian is the original aging. TS2 style aging lets only the active family age. Hybrid aging uses TS2 style aging for households that are marked (see below) for hybrid aging and EAxian aging for all other households. Warning: The mod will not catch if a marked household gets split by you or the storyprogression. The new household resulting from the split will not be marked.
Mark/Unmark For Hybrid AgingSelect/Unselect the households which shall only age when you play them.

This mod is fully localizable. If you are willing to support a translation, please read the instructions.

Disclaimer: I consider my mods to be free as free beer. I expect the same from your translation! If you are not okay with this, then don't support a translation! If you already supported a translation and are not okay with this, tell me and I will pull it.

Currently supported languages: English

legal stuff

possible conflicts
This is a scripting mod and as such the possibility for conflicts with other mods is very small. Only non-core mods that offer TS2-style aging might possibly conflict.

Please follow Game_Help:Installing_Sims_3_Package_Fileswiki. I can't explain it any better than that. Seriously, I won't even try even if you ask me.

Just rip it out whenever you like. Be aware, though, that disabling sims' aging individually (apart from the global aging setting) will persist independently from this mod.

I support my mods. I appreciate bug reports. I don't support mods or custom content in general. It's not an issue with a mod if it doesn't even show up in the game.

Might lead to a serious case of squished brain. Use for rocket fuel. Don't use for stomach ailment.