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This is Jaguwar Sims

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Uploaded 2nd Jun 2012 at 11:37 PM · Updated 4th Jun 2012 at 3:46 PM by Jaguwar : Explaining why all these EPs and SPs are required.

->A Quick Note<-
As far as I know, the only reason all those EPs and SPs are "required" is because I found myself dressing her in clothes from darn near every EP! LOL You can still get her without all those EPs/SPs, just know that she'll be in other clothes. I make no guarantees you'll be able to find something as elegant, but hey, it's your game! (I jest, of course, just letting you know).
->End Note<-

Jaguwar has always known just what she wanted to do: she wants to decorate houses. More to the point, she wants to be the very best in town. Luckily for her, she has artistic traits, a love of people, and a burning ambition: she's gonna need it.

She is currently unemployed, but ready for her first job. Therefore, she's looking especially for YOU, the one who shares her passion for decor and/or construction. Are you the right person for Jaguwar? (If not, well, maybe you can learn right alongside her.)

  • Ambitious
  • Artistic
  • Born Saleswoman
  • Charismatic
  • Savvy Sculptor

LTW: Home Design Hotshot

Favorites: Grilled Salmon, Pop music, and the color red

Astrological sign: Cancer

There is, of course (unfortunately), a fairly long list of CC. Most of it is sliders. I'm not sure to what extent you can use her without them; I suspect not at all. So, here's the list.

Custom Content

(BTW, while finding that link, I discovered another Nouk conversion by Savio, this time for loose dreads that I think look pretty awesome. Get it here!)

Eyebrow N1 by S-Club Privé

Buffy's Skintone V4 (non-Default)

Sliders: (darn near every one of them out there, it seemed!)
By the time you get all these, you might need to use Awesomemod (or whatever the latest best hack is out there at the time you download this) to increase the number of allowed sliders. On the other hand, this should give you the ability to make nearly any Sim you want.

Additional Credits:
Thanks to piggypeach, Jasumi, FREEDOM_55, Golddisk, and MzzUnvrz for their feedback on the MTS Creator Feedback (CF) forum. Oh and RylandHomes for finally twisting my arm and asking me to upload her already please!

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