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Facial Hair for Teens

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Uploaded: 7th Jul 2012 at 8:12 PM
Updated: 4th May 2013 at 3:13 PM - Update for Supernatural
UPDATE: Still working with all current patches as of 1 May 13. New goatee from University is also included.
UPDATE: Supernatural added the two werewolf facial hairs, which are now available for teens in both normal and wolf forms. The new package contains replacements for the two SN beards.

Oh, EAxis...Why do you think that teens are only able to grow soul patches, sideburns, or weird 'stashes?

I was really anoyed at the lack of facial hair for teens, especially since I know several people from high school who already needed to shave (or hadgrown a full beard...). I'd poked around a bit, but couldn't find anything that wasn't in a huge overhaul mod, so I decided to try it myself.

This package enables several of the adult beards for teenagers. This includes:
Stubble + soul patch
Stubble + sideburns
Stubble + goatee
Full Beard

The facial hair is exactly the same as base game, and recolors correctly with the 'use root hair color' option.

THESE ARE DEFAULT REPLACEMENTS. Only the CASpart file is edited, so other mods affecting those files may conflict. These are the CASparts from only the beards above, anything that doesn't touch those should be fine.

As an extra, the Late Night package includes the light stubble option enabled. Please only install the version corresponding to the game you have.

Additional Credits:
CC in screenshots from EAxis (EPs or Store)