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Candlelight: 10 Subtle Lipglosses, using ZombieJill's textures

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Uploaded: 30th Sep 2012 at 9:58 PM

Ok, so my general approach to makeup is that if it's obviously makeup, it's not done right; so you can imagine how extensive my collection of lipglosses is (tip: null). That said, all of a sudden I find myself with some simmies who actually want to wear lipgloss... so I figured I'd better go and download some.

Of course, life isn't that simple. I like Maxis matchiness in my game, and while there are many many talented makeup creators out there, they all seem to aim for photorealistic. Most lipglosses have highlights which are way too bright and big for my tastes - but then, I found ZombieJill's Excessum Nusquam! Small, subtle highlights which still make the lips look glossy and smooth. Yay!
The only problem with that, is that all my sims are about as goth as a unicorn.

So, I set about making some more neutral colours for ZombieJill's wonderful textures. ZombieJill did all the hard work: I just made the alpha slightly translucent, added a tiny bit of detail on the upper lip, and changed the colours. Hopefully, these edits will fill a gap in someone else's Downloads folder too.

There are ten glosses in the set. I sort of started out doing them in pairs, then forgot that I was meant to be doing them in pairs, then deleted a load and ended up with apples. But hey, the pairings are sort of similar in colour .
I've tried to go for a range of colours which provides something for all skintones - so a few of them do look ridiculous in some combinations; D1 and D2 especially look like crap on black sims, but lovely on very pale sims. The colours are also all quite muted and soft.

As I mentioned earlier, the alpha is slightly translucent. This means that the lips are more flexible, since a bit of the sim's skin colour shows through - most noticeably on D2 - and also a bit of their lip texture, so you get whatever level of lip detail you like from your skintones. Mostly the differences aren't huge, but for the one really noticeable example, see this pic of D2 on HP's Idolatry Redux skin and on Maxis S1.

The lips are available for females, teen and older. I have no objection to someone enabling them for guys if they wish, I just didn't do so because it'd be clutter in my eyes.

Since these are just edits of ZombieJill's textures, her policy applies to them. Right now, her policy is that you can do whatever you like with her stuff, as long as you provide credit, and don't upload your edits/sims to paysites. So, that's my policy for these as well.

Additional Credits:
The stuff on the sims is by: Trapping/Peggy (brown hair), lidiqnata (curly brown hair), Pinketamine (longish black hair), and some bastard who doesn't put tooltips on their stuff (short black hair. Sorry ); skins by HP, and eyes by HP and -Shady-.