Beary Fun! - All the Supernatural Bears TS3 - TS2

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Uploaded: 16th Dec 2012 at 8:25 PM
Updated: 17th Dec 2012 at 11:43 AM

I really love playing with toddlers and one thing they are lacking is bears! There are a few bears around custom, but it's a big hassle for me to hunt them all down. The bears that come with the game don't offer your tots much of a selection. I decided to fill in the little gaps with this set of bears.

You may notice that the vampire bear is missing. That's because you can just get it from Leefish by the wonderful Fanseelamb. All of my bears come with 2 recolors to match EA's presets, and worn textures to all meshes and recolors. I have not simply applied the Sims 3 textures to the Sims 2 bears, The Sims 2 bears are mapped differently from The Sims 3 bears, so you have to make your own meshes with all those pesky joints the old fashioned way. All of the joints in these bears should be assigned correctly in every way. I've done extensive testing on the joints in game, and I haven't noticed any problems at all! You might find an issue but it's highly doubtful. All files compressed with jfade's compressorizer.

On to the poly counts and prices. All of the bears cost 45 simoleons the same price as the base game bear. All of the bears are found in the catalog area of general/child. All poly counts are unchanged from The Sims 3. None of the poly counts are considered too large I don't think because The Sims 2 base game bear is 1,596. I think that bear poly counts lean towards the higher side because of all the morph states which are present in both Sims 3 and Sims 2 bears.

P.S. I love comments all the time, so if you think it's fine, don't be shy drop me a line

Poly Counts are as follows -

Imaginary Friend - 994
Genie - 994
Mummy - 1,110
Simbot - 1,134
Wizard - 990
Fairy - 942
Werewolf - 950