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CrumbleTop Lane (Houses 27-33)

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Uploaded: 2nd Apr 2013 at 4:56 PM
Hey everyone! These lots are all part of the CrumbleTop Lane series, and this upload contains 7 of them. #28 is an AL-ready lot, however, and what this means is that it is all ready to download as a residential lot, but if you have Apartment Life installed then you can convert it to an apartment lot. It should function fine as long as you also change the doors to those required by Apartments to function.
All of these lots, except obviously the Apartment #28, are starters. Some are single story, some double story, and all are part of the CrumbleTop Lane Series. For a breakdown description and details of each lot individually then please see the comments section! Thank you!
All of the file names match up with the lot names in the comments section!
All lots require Uni, NL, OFB and SSN.