Witches Over Water (residential - no CC)

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Uploaded: 29th Jul 2013 at 8:48 PM
Updated: 10th Jan 2014 at 1:29 AM - typo

Lot Size: 25 x 50
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 2.5
Cost furnished: 260,237 (on Promising Port, Isla Paradiso)
Cost unfurnished: 110,069
EPs: All through IP
Store: NONE

For years the neighbors have claimed that strange things go on at night in this otherwise picturesque island home. But the main floor has a lovely living room, dining room, kitchen and family room; the upper level has three ordinary bedrooms and an ordinary game room. The porches and decks just house ordinary patio furnishings. Where could the odd sounds and smells be coming from?

Built in response to a request for a party-ready witch's house to be built over water with lots of glass and a secret alchemy room. The main level has a chess board, dart board, dominoes table, TV, stereo, guitar, piano, laptop, coffee bar, books, broom, nectar racks and the usual kitchen stuff. There's a powder room under the stairs. The back deck has a hot tub, bar and grill. The upper level game loft has a billiards table, shuffleboard table, juke box and karaoke machine, plus another bar. There is an easel on one upper deck, and a telescope on the other. There are three bedrooms and two full baths. One of the bookshelves in the game loft is really a secret door that leads to spiral stairs to the alchemy room, which is completely hidden under the main roof. A ladder also goes up to the roof, which has a moon dial.

It uses all of the EPs because that's what the original requestor wanted. Sorry if that limits those who can use without a lot of fuss. No SPs, no CC or store items are needed.

To build this house, I turned Promising Port into a residential lot. You need to use the cheats "testingcheatsenabled true" and "enablelotlocking true" in order to do that. You could also just place a 25 x 50 lot somewhere -- depending on exactly where you situate it, you might have to adjust the slope of the terrain into the water to match it up with the surrounding land. The terrain paints should blend seamlessly, no matter where you place it.

Lot Size: 2x5
Lot Price: 260,237

Additional Credits:
Special thanks to velocitygrass for the mod to remove stencils and overlays, which I used and abused all over this lot.