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6 Serving Meatball Sub (Basegame) UPDATED MESH

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Uploaded: 27th Sep 2013 at 1:11 PM
Updated: 3rd Jul 2014 at 6:57 PM
[I] (July 2, 2014) For the longest time, I've been somewhat bothered by the old mesh for my custom meatball sub. Although I meant well, I could most certainly see it's flaws. It's time to upgrade it since I've become a bit better with meshing. The new mesh works the same as the old mesh. This meal is still made by cloning the lobster thermidor and should be easy to find in your sims fridge around lunch time. The mesh differences are that there are less polycount and less awkward looking cheese. lol Since this is a new mesh, you will have to remove the older meatball sub from your sims2 documents file. This more improved meatball sub is a different file. The sub sandiwh file is called, "Ariesflare_MeatballsubR2". If you don't see that file name, please let me know..

Tired of relying on a lobster thermidor to fill your sims? Tired of catering a party with that same lobster thermidor? Why not spice it up for your sims guests with this meatball sub. This sub will need some skill to prepare this sandwich since it is cloned from the lobster thermidor. I would really love to make this sub at a low level of cooking. Unfortunately, I am not that experience altering the functions of items or food. The meal makes 6 servings and is sure to fill your sims tummies.

The meal itself was cloned from the Lobster Thermidor. I wanted to make this sub since I was growing tired of the Lobster Thermidor. If I'm tired of something, I'm sure someone else out there is tired of it along with me. I will warn you all that over consumption of this sandwich will probably cause weight gain in your sims.

Further Details:

Polycount for mesh

Prepare Food-844
Serve- 720
Cook State-720
Package- 216
In Plate- 982

Serving size=6

Additional Credits:
Thanks to SimPE, Milkshape,Yahoo images, and adobe photoshop.