Time To Decorate 2013 Edition

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Uploaded: 11th Dec 2013 at 3:25 AM
Updated: 11th Dec 2013 at 7:58 AM - added information
When trying to decide what my holiday upload should be this year, I sat and thought. Then thought some more. Then, yes, thought some more. When that didn't get me anywhere I looked at my past holiday uploads and this is what I came up with. Some of it is new stuff, the rest of it is bits and pieces of some of my other holiday stuff combined into new stuff. The best part of that is that it all matches. Well, I say it's the best part.. let's see what everyone else thinks.

What you get: 11 new meshes and a whole bunch of recolors. Since some of the meshes are slaved to other meshes I'll list them by set:
Bowl of ornaments (2 subsets) and 3 separate little piles of ornaments. The bowl of ornaments is the MASTER, the little piles of ornaments are the SLAVES.
Bowl of stars (2 subsets) and a separate pile of stars. The bowl of stars is the MASTER, the little pile of stars is the SLAVE.
Plate of cookies (2 subsets) and a separate pile of cookies. The plate of cookies is the MASTER, the little pile of cookies is the SLAVE.
Decorative greenery swag.
Lit greenery swag (2 subsets) - this is a functioning light.
A Christmas candle- this is a functioning light.
There is also a residential collection file included.

All recolors are shown in the attached screenshots. The recolors for the meshes that have 2 subsets are separate files. So if you don't want, say the green recolor for the bowls and plate, you can delete it in game with no worries. (You can also pick and choose which recolors you want before you put them in your game.)

The ornaments match the ornaments from this set HERE
The greenery swags (including the lights on the lit version) match the garlands from this set HERE

What you need to know:
All meshes can be placed over each other without cheats. That said- to put them on a surface (table, counter, etc) you WILL need to use "moveobjects on" and an OMSP to place the second mesh.
There are invisible recolors of the contents of the bowls and plate included. This is so you can place other things in the bowls or on the plates. Again, you will need to use "moveobjects on" and an OMSP to place something in the bowls or on the plate.
All of the little ornament piles, cookies and stars will float above a surface a bit if you want to put them in someone else's mesh. If that bothers you and you have Apartment Life, you can place one of my meshes on a shiftable OMSP.
The default bowl and plate textures are clear- depending on the angle you look at the mesh, parts will seem to disappear if you've placed it over a greenery swag. (See screenshot!) The glass recolors are all solid and won't have that problem.
If you want to recolor the glass, you have to do it through the stdMatDiffCoef in theTXMT. If you'd like the glass to stay see through, leave the stdMatAlphaBlendMode at blend, if you'd like a solid recolor change it to none.

Catalog Location and Price
All bowls, plates, deco piles and decorative greenery swag: Deco>Sculptures for 5 Simoleons
Candle and lit greenery swag: Lighting>Table Lights for 10 Simoleons

You can choose to download everything at once, or pick and choose from the different sets. I do believe that's it. Season's Greetings and hope you enjoy this little set!

Polygon Counts:
Bowl of ornaments - 990
Ornament pile 1 - 612
Ornament pile 2 - 242
Ornament pile 3 - 162
Bowl of stars - 886
Pile of stars - 562
Plate of cookies - 758
Pile of cookies - 578
Candle - 68
Decorative swag - 410
Lit swag - 1436

Additional Credits:
SimPE, MilkShape, PhotoShop CS2