150+ Tiny Filesize Basegame Vase Collection Recolours

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Uploaded: 11th Dec 2013 at 6:58 PM
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Title: 150+ Tiny Filesize Basegame Vase Collection Recolours


- to provide a set of flower and vase recolours for the basegame "Sculpture - Vase Collection", also called the "Museé Public Collection Sculpture", available from the Decorative/Sculpture buy mode catalogue for §200.


All recolours are compressed and the vase recolours use internal basegame textures so as to minimize resource use. In designing the flower recolours I assumed that the object was a sculpture rather than a plant, so the texturing is imaginative rather than naturalistic. Note that the majority of the vase recolours are also available for the Transport Urn so that decorative themes can be created.

Flower Recolours

Beige, Black, Blue Azure, Blue Electric, Blue Navy, Blue Soft, Brass, Brass Soft, Bronze, Bronze Antique, Bronze Gloss, Bronze Soft, Copper, Copper Red, Copper Red Soft, Copper Rose, Cyan Electric, Gold, Gold Gloss, Gold Old, Gold Soft, Green Chartreuse, Green Chartreuse Soft, Green Electric, Green Office, Green Olive, Green Soft, Green Spring, Green Spring Soft, Grey Medium, Magenta Electric, Magenta Soft, Orange, Orange Soft, Pink Bright, Pink Soft, Purple Patriach, Red Electric, Red Maroon, Red Soft, Silver, Silver Gloss, Silver Roman, Silver Soft, Teal, Teal Soft, Violet Pure, Violet Soft, Yellow Electric, Yellow Soft

Vase Recolours

Aluminum, Aluminum Diamond Plate, Ash Wood, Black Marble, Black Pure, Black Stone, Black Wash, Blue Azure, Blue Celestial, Blue Crackle, Blue Flowers, Blue Light, Blue Marble, Blue Moroccan, Blue Navy, Blue Ocean, Brass, Bronze, Bronze Gloss, Brown Beach, Brown Desert, Brown Gloss, Brown Medium, Brown Moroccan, Brown Oak, Brown Rough, Brown Sand, Brown Smooth, Cherry, Copper, Copper Dark, Cyan Electric, Fir, Gold, Gold Gloss, Gold Old, Green 0, Green 1, Green 2, Green 3, Green Aqua, Green Avocado, Green Chartreuse, Green Electric, Green Hooker, Green Hunter, Green Marble, Green Olive, Green Office, Green Spring, Grey Crackle, Grey Dark, Grey Dark Slate, Grey Dark Stone, Grey Granite, Grey Light, Grey Light Slate, Grey Marble, Grey Medium, Grey Medium Slate, Grey Sand, Grey Stone, Grey Wood, Invisible, Iron, Iron Rust, Magenta Electric, Mahogany, Maple, Orange, Orange Whitebeam, Pink Bright, Purple Patriarch, Red Carnelian, Red Crackle, Red Electric, Red Gum Wood, Red Marble, Red Maroon, Red Oak, Red Rough, Santa Maria, Sapele Wood, Silver, Silver Gloss, Silver Old, Silver Roman, Steel, Steel Diamond Plate, Steel Galvanized, Steel Rust, Teal, Violet Mauve, Violet Pure, White Marble, White Pure, White Wash, Yellow Chrome, Yellow Electric, Yellow Pine, Yellow Rough.

Terms of Use
You may include these recolours in uploaded lots, whether for free or pay. Please include a credit and link to this page. I would be enjoy receiving a PM with a link to your uploaded creation, but this is not required.

Additional Credits

Colorcombos, Encycolorpedia and Wikipedia for colour searching and naming
GIMP 2, IrfranView, Microsoft Paint and Microsoft Photo Editor for graphics creation, processing, sizing and titling
Jfade's Compressorizer for minimizing file size
Milkshape 3D, Ultimate Unwrap3D Pro and UV Mapper Professional for texture mapping
Numenor's AnyGameStarter for project testing
SimPE and CEP for Sims 2 recolour creation