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Monte Vista's Buona Sera Dress Retextured

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Uploaded: 22nd Aug 2014 at 11:03 PM
Updated: 21st Nov 2016 at 1:56 AM - fixed morphs
The older version has an issue with the fat/thin morph, they didn't work properly without Monte Vista installed (dunno why TSRW did that ). I (finally) fixed this issue, so please download the file with "FIXED" on the end. It's not necessary to clear your cache files since this one is a brand new clone from the original. It remains stand-alone, and won't replace the EA original. Thanks for understanding!

Well, I love the Buona Sera Dress that came with Monte Vista, but always thought that EA was somewhat undecided about its sleeves. But, when I was in CAS looking for a nice wedding dress for my sim, and while I was recolouring this dress, I thought that was the time of trying to retexture this and make it with "full" sleeves...

And, for someone who didn't use Photoshop for a looong time, I've got a nice result, and with a better bump map than the original one

And, since I'm not a addicted of bright and light blue, I've added three "classic" presets: red, black, and white, which one looks nice for a bride

Technical info:
- It has 2 recolorable channels (the same as the original): the main part of the dress, and the lace;
- For Young Adult and Adult females, in Formal category;
- Has 3 recolour presets (as shown above);
- Since this is not a default replacement, you can have the Store version and mine at the same time

That's all, hope you like it!

Polygon Counts:
Since I didn't touch the mesh, it's the same than EA's original version.

Additional Credits:
Thanks for "Clothing Retexture Tutorial" by Ekinege;
to "Creating Bumpmaps for TS3" by Elexis;
to Elexis (again) for the poses used in the screenshots;
and for TSRW, S3PE, S3OC and Photoshop.