Lost Cove

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Uploaded: 5th Sep 2014 at 12:44 PM
Updated: 30th Aug 2020 at 7:29 PM - Updated Lost Cove :)
UPDATE - August 2020: Lost Cove was updated! Changed textures, moved things around, CORRECTED BUGS ! New Lost Cove now available with lots included.


Lost Cove is an archipelago based on Island Paradise ( you won't need the Expansion to play ) The world is rebuilt for a more savage feel and vegetation.

All trees have been changed from the original world. Nothing remain from the vacation feel, you are now on an island from the northern hemisphere and if you have Seasons, you'll feel it ! Pay attention, you'll notice there are no flowers ( except the ones in Spring - again if you have Seasons ) ... Giving a real feel of post-apocalypse, where living won't be easy everyday, where happiness is something to build. Which is the goal

We wanted to built a world to fit our need of a special kind of post-apocalyptic world, like 28 years after an apocalypse, where nature had time to grow all over the place and where there would be nothing left. Lost Cove is a try to utopia, where living is the main focus and building a different world is the common goal. Except one portion of the main road, you won't find a single path on Lost Cove. You are now free to go where you want. Clean the slate or work with it "as is".

There is only one world and no bridges to cross. To navigate between islands, there is one way : swim ( or taxi-boat if you have Island Paradise but that wouldn't be post-apocalypse ). The least we can say is that Lost Cove is a peaceful place where everyone can follow it's own rhythm.

A bit of (hi)story

Once the world was fine and pushing technological boundaries was a daily challenge, to make the world, «a better place». Just like predicated in every sci-fi books or movies, Sims went too far … Was it an experiment that turned bad or the sum of too much pollution ? Could have been a pandemic or pure bad luck ? No one really knows ...

Nevertheless, technology failed, weather stormed, earthquakes rambled and flooding changed everything. Including your Sims life and lifestyle. 30 years after the Apocalypse, Nature took its right back. And Sims had to adapt to survive. But now, Sims want more than surviving, they are ready to rebuild !

Lost Cove is an archipelago, already a community before the apocalypse. A lot of friends perished when the Apocalypse occurred. The majority of the inhabitants flew black to their family, inlands. Some wished to stay, seemed impossible for them to leave the islands and tried to save what was left in Lost Cove. They were lucky enough indeed. So, they decided to build a new community, with new rules. The Town Hall did not suffer too much damage. Was it a sign ?

The whole thing is a sign ! Just the Town Hall and the Criminal Hideout were left good to use. Downtown sinked. Nothing remained. For the hippies, it is the Aquarius age - time to be, to feel, to live, to be in the "now". For others, only despair and chaos, no more law, no more rules, criminals all over the places, people stealing from others. And that sudden coming out of vampires and all strange creatures ... they even made a bar just outside of the Town Hall ... So many signs, so many new things to process. A new world ? But what kind ? And that's not counting on those who want to go back to the Old World ( can't imagine how much the hippies are against it ! )

Rebuilding the community was hard and it was decided that if one wanted something, one had to do it by itself. First, it was to bring back people together, so the Vampire Bar came out and people start talking about it. They didn't feel like abiding by some rules, since the archipelago wouldn't be touristic for a long time again, they could rebuild for them, what did they all wanted right now ? Thus, the school isn't a classic one and indeed all buildings go the same way ... but hey, the community is glad to have start something.

Buildings such as houses are still in a kind of half-finished condition. Until now ... The main island is the biggest one. The second island can't be reach by the bridge like before, actually all islands are isolated and can only be reach by swimming. No one had time to explore them and assets their needs. The bridges collapsed, the previous downtown sinked and the only road remaining is near to useless. Nature is really everywhere ! Sure, it is beautiful, scenery no one paid attention to before, but is it enough to fill a life ? Will it keep people warm in the middle of winter ?

Don't fool yourself, Lost Cove is not all butterflies and so on. Dangerous places, lost islands and even forgotten lots are awaiting on this small place of the Sim Globe. Winter can be very rude and all the Sims around have already felt the loneliness of a long long winter ... Inhabitants aren't all into the whole community trip, some would like to get back to "modern life". Will there be fight for power ? Is electricity coming back ? What will the future generations choose ?


The world is built to make your own utopia.
Part of The Red Path - Aftermath project, Lost Cove is the world built for a kind-of-challenge. Start a new world within a land with a past. Create your future !

The world is medium size, which is big enough for, at least 4 small communities on the two biggest islands two islands. Imagine using the small ones too !
The world is flat enough for you to put lots where you want Well, if you have Island Paradise, you see how big the world can be and the place you have.

Important, it is CC free Not the 2020 edition

Routing : Sims can go mostly everywhere, except into a small lake near the mountain, on the mountain itself and some islands which don't have lots or spawners on it anyway. No worries, it leaves enough space for everyone and places to explore. Since there is no road anymore, there is no point to restrict your movement in Lost Cove

Spawners : Plenty of spawners for all EP ( except World Adventure and Showtime ) - you'll find small animals, insects, fish, plants, seeds, rocks and gems all over the place from all the expansions. Spawners are not just on lots, they are all over the place.

Terrain Paint : There ain't more than 8 terrain paint - the most important was to make the world less flashy green, more natural, pleasant for the eye.

Roads : Except one ( to keep the game stable ) that doesn't even make the whole island, there are no roads, no sidewalk, no path.

Lots : Again, except Town Hall and Criminal Hideout, there are no built lots in Lost Cove. Empty lots are already placed, with address and labels. Below is a full section on lots for Lost Cove Get them from our site because we had a lots of fun imagining, building and creating stories And we will had more with time, so check back ! http://tech-hippie.com/

What you download :
- Lost Cove.Sims3Pack : unpopulated and without lots ( except Town Hall and Criminal Hide Out ) - you'll have fun building a world where nothing is easy and no roads will help you. Really, this is a challenge in itself.
- Lost Cove.CAW : the Create-A-World files if you wish to work on it.
- Lost Cove.Sims : a populated world with lots. You might need to download some CC, see the list in the spoiler below.
- Lost Cove 2020.Sims3Pack : unpopulated and with lots from the Red Path Project. The CC listed below still applies.

What you will need :
- For the world only, you'll need the expansions listed ( mostly for spawners and some world objects )
- For the lots : see the complete list in the spoiler below or http://www.tech-hippie.com

Lots and Housing

33 residental lots and 15 community lots.
Among the community lots : 4 are rabbit holes.
Residential lots : various size, 20x20, 30x30, etc. And 4 big lots.
14 community lots are ready and 1 other will be uploaded in the coming days. 4 residentials lots are also waiting

Lost Cove have a story, we built lots to live in this world and each of them have a story. At Tech Hippie, you will find the following community lots and 4 residential lots. Here is a list of the community lots with a short summary.

Jobs, career and professions
So looking at the grass all day long isn't your thing ? Here is the list of jobs, careers and professions available in Lost Cove
( keep it mind that it is a post-apocalypse world, not all jobs are needed and it is a list based on the EP we have )

Additional Credits
Rflong for her advices and her numerous caw files : http://myworlds-rflong7.blogspot.fr
SimCookie for creating the first post-apocalypse world that we really found amazing : Sunset Died and their kindness to let us know their tricks http://simcookie.com